Can You Use a Torch to Get Bubbles Out of Polyurethane?

Can You Use a Torch to Get Bubbles Out of Polyurethane

The bubbles arise because of the reaction between the polyol and isocyanate. The result of this reaction is a viscous liquid that becomes solid as it cools. Woodworkers use this material to protect the wood from scrapes, cracks, water, and humidity.  The bubbles appear because the reactants are flammable, and the mixture is exothermic. So, … Read more

How Do You Clean Polyurethane Cloudy After Sanding


Cloudy finishes may appear for a variety of reasons, including as a result of using an old product or one that has sat in a hot or cold environment. After that, adequate surface preparation is essential, which includes scraping out any old product or cleaning it and oil-free. What if you see polyurethane cloudy after … Read more

How To Make Tung Oil Dry Faster(Speed and Tips)

Tung oil comes from the heartwood of the Tung tree. Tung trees have only been cultivated in Thailand for about a century now, so their exact natural habitat is unknown. Tung oil is a very expensive and hard-to-find ingredient in the beauty industry. This oil contains chemicals that can change its consistency over time, making … Read more

Dewalt 787 Vs 887-which Dewalt Impact Driver Is Best

Dewalt 787 Vs 887

For any handyman, the best impact driver is a priority that has it all from design to power and versatility. Mostly, it helps with drilling activities or driving screws but is also useful for DIY projects. So, instead of getting hammers, nails, saws, or other heavy tools, a single impact driver can do it all … Read more