10 Best Sealer for Cedar Fence – Protects Cedar Fences from Outdoor Threats

Cedarwood is a highly popular choice for outdoor wood projects. Whether it is the railing, fences, or outdoor furniture, this very wood is widely used.

Though cedar wood comes with properties that keep insects, rots away but still for optimum durability you need to look after cedarwood.

And one of the best ways to care for a cedar fence is to seal that with a top-notch sealer. Not all sealers of the market are going to work great, you will need to find the best sealer for cedar fence.

If you do not have any knowledge about these, then I would recommend you go through this guide. It will be enough to lead you towards the best cedar fence sealer within very little time.

Have a look!

Best Cedar Fence Sealers Reviewed

1. Ready Seal 512 Pail Natural Cedar Exterior Stain and Sealer

Presenting the first sealer, the Ready Seal 512 pail natural cedar sealer. It is not only a sealer, it is a wood stain as well. With this ready seal, you get two solutions in one.

This sealer and stain don’t require any primer and nor it requires wet line application. Once applied the sealer will blend itself pretty well and there isn’t any temperature for this sealer. It can be applied at any temperature.

After applying this sealer you might get a little shocked because at first, it shows a very dark color. But that is not its true color. The dark color will change slowly and it might take around 14-days to reach its actual color.

You can apply the sealer with a sprayer, roller, or brush. If you are applying using a sprayer then you do not need to thin or diluting the sealer before spraying.

This sealer doesn’t leave any runs or laps, so you wouldn’t need to do back brushing. Overall, it is a very good cedar wood sealer. However, some people complained regarding the advertised color, in real the color isn’t the same.

The Pros

  • Very easy to apply.
  • Seals the wood pretty well.
  • No primer required.
  • Can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled.
  • Fairly priced.
  • No back brushing is needed.

The Con

  • The color isn’t the same as advertised.

2. Varathane 269394 Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain

If you want to use a sealer that will get dry very soon then consider picking this Varathane 269394 wood stain sealer. This stain will dry within one hour of applying. However, it is only for indoor use, cannot use this stain outdoors. I mean you can use it outdoor but it wouldn’t perform, so that’s a no-go!

Comes in different colors, with more than 12 different color options to choose from. And all the colors look pretty classy. Apart from that, this stain enhances the natural wood grain color which looks incredibly well. Plus, to get the desired color you will not need to do a couple of coating, a single coating will get you’re the right color.

One best part about this wood stain is, after applying this stain penetrates deep inside the wood pores and that leads to top-notch staining. This is a 32oz wood stain gallon and with it, you will be able to cover around 275 sq feet wood surface easily. That being said, if the coating is thick then you might need more stain.

And if I talk about the durability when applied indoors properly, it will last for years, and top of everything, the color wouldn’t fade any time soon. Lastly, the manufacturer has priced it pretty low as well.

The Pros

  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • 13 color options.
  • It Will last for years.
  • 32 oz. covers 275 sq ft.
  • Dries within 1-hour.
  • Enhances the wood grain color.

The Cons

  • Doesn’t perform outdoor.
  • Lengthy applying process.

3. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.041851-16 Transparent Waterproofing Stain

Does staining before sealing feel tiresome to you? Then we have a great solution for you, the Thompsons Waterseal TH.041851 sealer and stainer for you. It is a two in one product that will surely make your job easier.

This solution is very transparent, doesn’t add any color. So if you have a cool looking cedar wood then it would be a great idea to apply sealer and stain on that. It will even enhance the natural cedar grains so that they will look very beautiful.

It comes with an advanced polymer which makes it very long-lasting and also fade-resistant. That makes it a suitable product for exterior use as well. Doesn’t matter whether it is cedar wood or any other wood, this sealer & stain can be used on any wood.

And if I talk about the protection, the waterproofing capability of this sealer is great. Not only that, it is mildew-resistant as well. Applying this sealer and stain is super easy. You can use a sprayer, brush, or roller, this makes applying it even easier.

However, this stain & sealer isn’t a fast drying one, you will need to leave it for a day if you want it to dry properly.

The Pros

  • Easy to apply sealer and stain.
  • Can be brushed, sprayed, or rolled.
  • Improves the natural wood grain color.
  • Waterproof and mildew-resistant.
  • Long-lasting and fade-resistant.

The Cons

  • Takes time to dry properly.
  • Requires mixing before application.

4. DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain 

If the wood is cedar and you want to show off the beauty of its natural wood grain then this DEFY extremely semi-transparent wood stain is your grab. No, it is not completely transparent but still, the wood grains will be shown nicely. In fact, this stain will enhance the natural color of the grains.

It is an outdoor wood stain so whether it is a fence, railings, decks, siding, patio, outdoor furniture, you can apply this very DEFY stain anywhere you want. This stain is fortified with Zinc nanoparticle which works as a sunscreen for the wood. It prevents the UV-ray from damaging the wood. Color loss is also caused by UV-ray so with this stain you are safe from that as well.

The manufacturer has used top-notch resin in the making of this stain and as result, it lasts more than a season and is also resistant to early fading or color loss.

If I talk about the maintenance, that is pretty simple as well with this very stain. Just brighten the wood with DEFY brightener and then apply a single coat.

The Pros

  • UV ray-resistant wood stain.
  • Fade-resistant.
  • Very easy to apply and maintain.
  • Improves the color of the grains.
  • Highly long-lasting.
  • Protects the wood.

The Con

  • Requires much stain.

5. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL 21802 Wood Sealer

Thomson’s produces some of the top­-notch products of the industry. They have been around for a very long and knows exactly what satisfies the users. Likewise this Thompson water seal 21802 is another top-notch production of this very brand.

It is an extremely durable clear wood sealer which protects the wood from water damage and at the same time it maintains the natural wood color. Not only protection from water, but this sealer also saves the wood from UV-ray and mildew as well.

With one gallon of this water sealer you will be able to cover up to 400 SQ ft easily. With this sealer you won’t be needing to do multiple coatings, single coating works pretty well. If you need little color then you better go with the Signature series sealers from Thomson.

However, applying this sealer isn’t very simple, there are some do and don’t you need to consider before applying. You will get the instruction with the purchase. But the important thing you must know is, you cannot apply this sealer on damp wood.

The Pros

  • UV-ray and Mildew-resistant.
  • Lasts pretty long.
  • Protects the wood from water.
  • Doesn’t require a couple of coating.
  • Comes in a metal can.
  • 1 gallon can cover up to 400 Sq ft.

The Con

  • Cannot protect from humidity.

6. Rain Guard SP-8002 Water Sealers

Looking for a good quality water sealer? Here is the thing, the Rain Guard SP-8002 water sealer. It is fortified with micro lock properties which enable the solvent-based sealant absorption ability in woods.

Once applied, this sealer creates a hydrophobic barrier and the wood cannot be damaged by anything else such as UV-ray, water, salt, dirt, mildew, etc. Virtually you can use this sealer on all kinds of porous surfaces. And as long as you are concerned about the color, it is a water-based sealant so it is completely transparent. It doesn’t enhance the wood grains color either.

It is an environment-friendly sealant, you can use this around the pet, plants, and humans of course. With one gallon of this sealer, you can cover around 200 sq ft surface. When applying keep in mind that the temperature should be between 40 – 80 degrees F.

The manufacturer recommends applying this sealer with a low-pressure sprayer. And you should apply a double coat for optimum protection.

The Pros

  • Offers good protection.
  • Covers a lot of area with a single gallon.
  • Comes with a UV stabilizer.
  • Very long-lasting protection.
  • Environment-friendly formula.
  • Easy to apply.

The Con

  • Only available in clear, no colors.

7. Eco Advance Wood Siloxane Waterproofer

With this Eco Advance Wood Siloxane waterproofer, you have two options, either pick a ready to use one or pick a liquid concentrate. With the ready to use one, you can use it right out of the box and you can spray that on the woods without any worry at all.

And the latter one is cost-efficient but you will have to mix it very well before applying it to the wood. Whether it is shingles, decks, boats, sidings, fences, or anything else, you can seal that with this very waterproofer. And once applied properly, it will protect the wood not only from water but from salts, molds, oils, and chemicals also.

After applying this waterproofer you will see it making a while film but don’t worry that is a part of the process. When that will be soaked properly it will become fully clear.

It is an environment-friendly solution, non-flammable and non-toxic. The manufacturer says, if applied properly this waterproofer can protect the wood for up to 5-years. It is recommended to use a garden sprayer for applying this solution.

With a 16 oz. bottle you can cover up to 240 sq ft of the wood surface. And after applying this might take around 2-hour to get dried completely.

The Pros

  • Very environment-friendly.
  • Doesn’t come with any harsh smell.
  • Protects from water, oil, salt, chemicals, etc.
  • Doesn’t change the wood appearance.
  • Easy to apply.

The Con

  • Doesn’t protect the wood from UV-ray.

8. SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY Penetrating Wood Sealer

It is a pretty expensive wood sealer but doesn’t let the price stop you, the sealing quality it offers demands an expensive price. A lot of sealers don’t even last 1 or 2-year though they are advertised to last for around years. But this seal once isn’t like that, it is highly long-lasting. The manufacturer says this sealer can last up to 6 to 10-year if applied properly.

This water-based sealer comes with an improved penetrating technology which makes this sealer seal the wood from inside as well. And this contains the strength of polyurethane as well. It is highly environment friendly, doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or noxious solvents.

It can be applied is most outdoor wood items such as the deck, railing, shingles, furniture, etc. This sealer promises to protect the wood from cupping, mold, mildew, staining, and decay. And like some low-quality sealers of the market, this one will not peel off.

This sealer is available in 11-different tints, so choose one that suits the wood color best.

The Pros

  • Sealers penetrate deep inside the wood.
  • It is a water-based sealer.
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Protects from mold, mildew, scratch, and decay.
  • Very easy to apply.

The Con

  • It is very expensive.

9. RUST-OLEUM 25023 Outdoor Finish

Look at this Rust-Oleum 25023 another top-notch wood sealer that has been satisfying the need of users for a very long time. This finish comes with UV absorbing properties that make it protect the wood from UV-ray effectively. Not only UV ray, but this finish can also protect the wood from other outdoor damages as well.

It is a clear finish, it doesn’t add any color to the wood. And makes the wood scratch-resistant. If I talk about durability, it is a pretty durable exterior finish. It dries pretty fast, you can do triple coating on a single day.

The Pros

  • UV protection.
  • Makes the wood scratch-resistant.
  • Dries very fast.
  • Doesn’t get yellowish.
  • Very easy to apply.

The Con

  • Not very long-lasting.

10. Ready Seal 100 Clear

This is the second ready seal sealer on the list, yet another worthy unit. You don’t need any primer before applying this sealer. You can apply it using a sprayer, or roller, or brush. When brushing you won’t need to do any back brushing or wet line application since this sealer doesn’t leave laps.

There isn’t any temperature range, you can apply the sealer under any temperature but obviously, choose the normal temperature for the optimum result. It is a clear seal so do not expect any color nor any enhancement of wood grains. Though it is advertised to be UV-resistant but some users have found this is not an effective sealer in terms of UV-ray blocking.

The Pros

  • Super easy to apply.
  • No back brushing is required.
  • Dries pretty quick.
  • Woods grains will be shown.

The Cons

  • Doesn’t block UV-ray well.
  • Requires a couple of coatings.

How to Choose the Best Cedar Fence Sealer?

Choosing an ideal cedar fence sealer isn’t a tough job at all, you just need to know few factors and those will guide you towards the ideal sealer for you.

Below I have explained all those factors that need to be considered before purchasing a cedar sealer. Take a look and get started!


There are mainly two types of sealers that are widely used. Water and Oil-based sealer. Both are different from each other, here is how!

Water-based sealer is watery and they dry up very fast. And once dried properly, it becomes very hard. But one thing I personally don’t like about water-based sealers is they have a dark finish that covers the natural beauty of the wood.

If your cedar fence is old and the color already has worn out, then a water-based sealer shouldn’t be an issue for you. But for the new cedar fence, it is a no go. However, to whom the natural beauty of the cedar wood doesn’t matter, water-based sealers work great for them.

On the other hand, an oil-based sealer is oily. When applied, oil-based sealers produce a glossy shine that looks good. But the best part of the oil-based sealer is, it doesn’t add any color on its own. Instead, they enhance the wood grain beauty even more.

It gives the wood a shiny look that even reflects light. If the classy look of the cedar fence matters to you, an oil-based sealer is your thing. Though compared to the water-based sealer, oil-based sealer takes more time to get dried properly.

UV ray-resistant

Ultraviolet ray damages wood badly. It causes the wood to lose its natural color and fade. It also causes easily cracks and splits. Though cedar wood comes with natural properties that help the wood resist the UV-ray for a while but still, adding a protective layer would be very wise.

As UV-ray damages the wood, it can damage the sealer as well if the sealer isn’t UV ray-resistant. The sealer might peel off early or turn gray. So when you are picking a sealer make sure that is UV Ray-resistant.

Pigment Quantity 

You need to choose a sealer that comes with good pigments. And then you will have to consider the pigment quantity as well. The high pigment can make a sealer cover the natural beauty of the wood. In other words, the high pigment can make the sealer less transparent.

If the natural cedar wood grain color matters to you, then you should pick a sealer that is completely transparent. Means a sealer with low to no pigment at all.


It is not always possible to get a sealer that works incredibly well and at the same time that is eco-friendly as well. But still, if you can try to pick a sealer that comes with very few VOCs.

Harsh chemicals and fumes of sealer will not only harm the environment but will also harm you.

So in any case, if you have brought something that has high VOCs then make sure to use a respirator mask, protective hand gloves, and eyeglass before applying.

Ease of use

This isn’t a very important factor but still will benefit you. Try to pick a sealer for your cedar fence that is very easy to apply.

There are some sealers that will leave runs or streaks after applying, you don’t want something like that. Pick a sealer that can be easily painted or rolled or sprayed.


If you are looking for cheap sealers then do not expect them to protect the cedar wood fence properly and for a long time. They just won’t!

For getting your hands on the top­-notch sealer you will need to invest fair bucks. A good sealer can cost anywhere between 30 to 60$. Invest in the high-quality sealer, you will be winning in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use to seal a cedar fence?

I would use a cedar wood sealer that is of good quality. In the market, there are hundreds of wood sealers but not all of them are worthy of investment. Doesn’t matter if the sealer is expensive as long as that gives long-lasting protection to the wood, I am okay with the price.

How long should I wait to seal my new cedar fence? 

You can start sealing your cedar fence the next day you install it, why wait for damage to happen.

How do you seal outdoor cedar?

Pick a good quality cedar wood sealer and then apply that on the wood surface with a brush, roller, or sprayer. And the leave that to dry.

Is Thompson’s Water Seal good for cedar? 

Yes, Thomson makes some of the good quality wood sealers on the market, so you can rely on them.

How do I keep my cedar fence from turning gray?

A top-notch cedar wood sealer is the way to go! You will have to choose a UV-resistant sealer that will block the UV-ray and will protect the wood from turning gray.


The above information should be enough to lead you to the best sealer for the cedar fence. I hope you have got your hands on the right one, and if there is anything else I can assist you with, make sure to drop a comment below

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