Thompsons Water Seal Reviews: Pros, Cons & Usages

Thompson’s Waterseal is a sealant that can be used to protect your home from water damage. It provides protection against moisture and prevents rot, mildew, and rust.

The product was designed in the 1930s by John D. Thompson for use in homes built with steel reinforcement beams.

Thompson’s water seal review is that it has been around for nearly 100 years – which means you know it will last!

Thompsons Water Seal Reviews

Thompsons Waterseal 41851 Gl STN

Does staining before sealing feel tiresome to you? Then we have a great solution for you, the Thompsons Waterseal TH.041851 sealer and stainer for you. It is a two in one product that will surely make your job easier.

This solution is very transparent, doesn’t add any color. So if you have a cool looking cedar wood then it would be a great idea to apply sealer and stain to that. It will even enhance the natural cedar grains so that they will look very beautiful.

It comes with an advanced polymer which makes it very long-lasting and also fade-resistant. That makes it a suitable product for exterior use as well.

Doesn’t matter whether it is cedar wood or any other wood, this sealer & stain can be used on any wood.

And if I talk about the protection, the waterproofing capability of this sealer is great. Not only that, it is mildew-resistant as well.

Applying this sealer and stain is super easy. You can use a sprayer, brush, or roller, this makes applying it even easier.

However, this stain & sealer isn’t a fast drying one, you will need to leave it for a day if you want it to dry properly.


  • Easy to apply sealer and stain.
  • Can be brushed, sprayed, or rolled.
  • Improves the natural wood grain color.
  • Waterproof and mildew-resistant.
  • Long-lasting and fade-resistant.


  • Takes time to dry properly.
  • Requires mixing before application.

About the Product

The Thompsons know how to prevent water damage if they are good at anything.

Founded in the 1920s by polymer scientist Edward Addis Thompson, the company has a long history. This sealant was developed based on a formula that he devised to avoid external water damage.

About thompsons water seal

The Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer is still used today by construction companies, architects, and homeowners. Homeowners love this sealer, and it’s easy to see why. Many people attempt to imitate it, but they never succeed.

The results of this waterproofing sealer are unmatched by any other on the market.


The sealer is also highly versatile, since in addition to waterproofing wood, it can also encapsulate concrete, laminate wood, and encapsulate brick. In other words, it comes with everything you need to make sure your outdoor living spaces are safe.

The following is a list of its advantages:

  • Provides good protection against water damage
  • Provides a natural means of aging wood.
  • All forms of external surfaces like decks, driveways, patios, fences, and more can benefit from it.
  • Formula proven to work

Thompson’s Water Seal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer would be a wise investment for any home with outdoor living spaces. Depending on the porosity of your surface, it may also cover a large area per gallon, from 100 to 375 square feet per gallon. Prior to sealing, make sure to verify the porosity of the surface.

How to Make Use of

Thomas WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer proves to be remarkably easy to handle. Do you have any experience sealing surfaces? Don’t worry!

It’s important to do some preliminary work before sealing your external surfaces. Be sure that the ambient temperature and the surface temperature are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 48 hours after application.

thompsons water seal to make use

The sealant should be applied when it is not predicted to rain within 24 hours after application. Secondly, you should spray water on the surface you intend to seal to test the seal. A very porous surface and one that can be sealed quickly is one that absorbs water quickly and darkens.

Conversely, if water beads up, it doesn’t require treatment. Afterwards, apply an additional sealer to any items that may come into contact with it, including plants. Immediately flush away any sealant sprayed on other objects.

A variety of contaminants must also be cleaned from surfaces, including dirt, oil, dust, mildew, grease, and soot. Concrete, brick, and masonry surfaces should be cleaned with a professional concrete cleaner.

Before you use a deck cleaner, make sure the wood has been thoroughly cleaned. WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer should be applied three hours after cleaning the wood.


The container should be shaken well before using a sealer. Do not use other waterproofing products.

You can apply it with a roller, sprayer, or brush. Alternatively, if you have a garden sprayer that pumps up, this will work great for you. If you apply the sealer initially, it may appear milky white. Upon drying, however, it will become clear.

thompsons water seal application

It may take from 24 to 48 hours for the substance to completely dry, depending on the substrate or surface. A variety of factors affect drying time, including temperature and humidity. Paint the surface after 45 days.

Keep in mind the following:

Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer should not be used as a paint additive.

  • Storing below 32 degrees Fahrenheit is not recommended.
  • Frozen products should not be used.
  • Other People’s Experiences

Our research revealed that homeowners and professionals around the world are thrilled with Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer, but we wanted to find out more about what they love about it.

Customer comments indicate that homeowners are quite satisfied with the performance of this waterproofing sealant. A treatment may be able to completely alter an old, neglected deck, making it appear brand new.

Their favorite aspect of this sealant is how it maintains the beauty of outdoor surfaces all year long. The sealer has been used by many on many different surfaces and never failed to provide satisfaction.

Some customers were dissatisfied with the results, especially when it comes to concrete or fences, when using this sealer. Blotches were observed after it dried.

For decks and brickwork, Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer is a better solution than trying it on concrete. Taking those steps, as well as following the manufacturer’s recommendations, should prevent future problems.

Purchasing Tips

Family and friends are supposed to be at the center of life. Having an outdoor space where you can gather your loved ones makes these times even more special.

In the meantime, how can you entertain if you don’t maintain your deck? WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer by Thompson makes the job simple.

Amazon offers it cheaply, and it can be delivered into your home within a week after you purchase it.

Final Words

Having enough space makes outdoor living much easier. Maintaining your deck will make your house beautiful as well as practical.

Even if a deck or outdoor living space was built years ago, Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer keeps it looking new.

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