Will 30 Degree Nails work in 28 Degree Gun

With the nail gun’s invention, designing your stale woods is no longer a carpenter’s thing. Nail guns have made it possible to add your own touch to any boring wooden materials. But to select the right nailer for your work is a tough thing to do. Alongside which nails will work with which is another puzzle to solve. Today I will answer “Will 30 degree nails work in 28 degree gun” and some sort of these related questions to make it easier for you.

•	30 degree framing nails

There are various types of nail guns in the market nowadays. 15,21,28,30 and 34 are the most popular ones. They work in different ways for varied purposes. So to narrow down which kind you want and need, you have to enlist your working method, type, and purposes at first.

Will 30 degree nails work in 28 degree gun [Answered]

Nailers which are less than 1/2 degrees from the nailing gun can be used. So apparently 30-degree nails can be used in a 28-degree gun. But it’s recommended not to use 30-degree nails in 28-degree nailers. Though some users say they can easily use 30-degree nails in 28 degrees, 30-degree paper framing nails aren’t designed for 28 degrees. It may work for some time but over time you will face jamming while shooting. Also, it can cause severe damage to your nail gun in the long run. 

Here is the example of a 28 Degree, 2 to 3-1/4-Inch BOSTITCH Framing Nailer for comfort and control.

BOSTITCH Framing Nailer

Will 30 degree nails work in a 34 degree nail gun?

Yes, 30-degree nails work in a 34-degree nail gun. 34-degree guns are designed to fire 30-34 range nails. 34-degree guns accept clipped-headed/ D- shaped nails and most 30 degree nails are this type.

Best 30 Degree Framing Nailer: Comparison table

Check Bostitch 30 degree framing nailer,30 degree paper framing nails and 30 degree framing nails for crafts, furniture jobs, subflooring, roof construction. Easily achieving both the highest levels of power and unrivaled durability, we featured these guns to withstand even the heaviest workloads.

Can you use 30 degree nails in a 21 degree nailer?

Absolutely not. 30-degree nails and 21 degrees are far different from each other. So 21-degree guns won’t fire even if you put 30-degree nails. 

21-degree nailers drive full round-headed nails and 30-degree nail’s configuration is only clipped-headed. So it’s not possible to use 30-degree paper framing nails in a 21-degree nailer.

What makes a 28 degree nail gun different?

The unique features of 28 degrees make it stand out. 

28-degree nail gun – 

  • Consist wire collated framing nails
  • Uses full rounded head/ D- shaped nails
  • As the nails are wire collated, it’s less risky 
  • Twice nail each clip, so needs far less reload
  • Offers to fire in three styles

What are the angles of a framing nail gun?

There are various angles of framing nail guns. These angles don’t refer to their shooting angles. Framing the nail gun’s angle indicates the nail magazine’s position. The bigger the angles the more dirigible the nailer is.

The most common angles of framing nail guns are 15,21,28,30 & 34 degrees.

How many nails do you need for a nail gun?

The amount varies from nailers to nailers. Some require 70 nails, some need up to 88 nails. The number of nails needed for a gun simply depends on its capacity.

21 degrees use up to 70 nails, 28 degrees twice than 21 degrees, 30 degrees use up to 88 nails. 15-degree nailers can use the most ones. It can hold around 300 nails. 

Tips for using a 30 degree nailer-

  • Be cautious while feeding the paper strip
  • Make sure not to tear up the paper while loading
  • Use safety glasses to protect your eyes
  • Keep the paper oil-free 
  • While not using, keep the nailer unplugged
  • Never point the nailer against anything other than wood and hard objects


Will 21 degree nails work in a 28 degree nail gun? 

Yeah, it might but not without jamming more often. 21-degree nailers are plastic collated while 28 degrees are wire collated. So both their nailers are different. But as they are in the same range, 21-degree nails sometimes work in 28-degree guns. However, if you use 21-degree nails in a 28-degree gun regularly, it’s inevitable that the gun will wear out very soon. 

Will a 34 degree nail gun shoot 30 degree nails? 

Yes, a 34-degree nail gun is capable of shooting 30-degree nails. It’s because 34-degree guns are made to shoot any nails ranging from 30 to 34. As 34 degrees use the clipped shaped nail type as 30 degrees, so it will shoot 30-degree nails.

Freeman Pneumatic 34 Degree Clipped Head Framing Nailer (Check Prices here)

This 34 degree clipped head nails are Compatible with 10 gauge 34 degree paper collated clipped head framing nails from 2″ To 3-1/2″. And Dual mode trigger allows sequential or bump firing.

Freeman Pneumatic 34 Degree Clipped Head Framing Nailer

Are nail gun nails interchangeable?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Not all nail guns are interchangeable. Typical brail nailer nails can be interchanged. But framing nails is kinda complex. 

28-degree nailers only use 28 degree clipped nails or this nail type. 30/34 degree nail accepts 30/34 degree framing nails. As specific nailers use only categorized nails, so in the case of framing nails it’s not possible to interchangeably use them. But while using other simple nailers you can exchange nails.

21 and 28-degree nail gun nails are interchangeable for their same similar range. For instance, porter cable 22-degree nails go both into 21-degree nailers and 28-degree guns. These nails are lightweight, plastic collated and their magazine capacity is 60 nails.

Moreover, 30 and 34-degree nails are exchangeable as they both use clipped head nails. So it can be said the same range of nails can be interchanged sometimes. However, it’s advisable to use the same degree of nails as the nailer’s degree.

Does the degree matter on a nail gun?

Yes, the degree matters a lot regarding a nail gun. Specific degrees are designed for specific works. Such as 28 degrees are used for framing, siding, trussing, bridging, etc. 30 degrees do flooring, wall sheathing, roof decking. 21 degree or 28 degree isn’t good for tight spaces whereas 30/34 degree framing nails are designed for tight spaces. 

The degree of nail gun refers to the magazine’s location. This degree determines which works the nail gun will do. So you have to consider this degree while using or purchasing a nail gun.

What degree of a nail gun is best?

There is no such a thing as the best degree nailing gun. Every degree nail guns offer different works. 30 and 34-degree framing nails do really well in tight places which 21 and 28-degree nailers can’t do. But 21 and 28 full round nails tighten more securely than 30-degree paper nails or 34 clipped head nails. Each nailer serves various purposes and you have to choose according to your need.

Currently, if you want some recommendations, I would go with Bostich framing nailer 30 degrees. Its excellent built quality, lightweight add more to its value. Its two in one makes it stand out. Bostitch 30 degrees nailer is used for both metal connection as well as framing. It comes with a 7-year warranty which ensures its higher sustainability. 

What is the difference between 30 degrees and 21-degree framing nailers?

30-degree nailer magazine uses clipped-head nails. They can easily shoot in tight spaces. The clips are held with paper strips. But in humid weather, a 30-degree paper

strip shrinks,  so it’s not appropriate to use in those regions.

21 degrees nailers drive full rounded head nails. They are plastic collated. Not so good for tight places.  But this nailer ejects plastic pieces while shooting, so it’s a little bit dangerous to use without safety materials.

Can you use 30-degree nails in a 34-degree nail gun? 

Yes, you can. As both 34-degree guns drive clipped-head nails and 30-degree nails are also like this,34 degrees will easily shoot 30-degree nails. 

What is the most common degree for a framing nailer?

The most common degrees of framing nailers are 15,21,28,30 & 34 degrees. 

What is the difference between 21 degrees and a 28-degree nailer?

21-degree nails use full round heads and 28-degree use clipped head nails. 21 degrees are plastic collated, while 28 degrees are wire collated. 21-degree nailers hold up to 60 nails. 28-degree nailers can hold twice as much as 21 degrees. 21 degrees is lightweight whereas 28 degrees is a little bit heavier.

What is the difference between a 21 degree and 30-degree nailer?

The main difference between 21 degrees and 30-degree nailers is their nails’ collation and nailing position. 21-degree nails are full rounded heads and they are collated by plastic.

30-degree paper framing nails are stripped with wire and they are clipped head.


No matter which degree you choose, the main thing is whether it fulfills your purpose or not. Choosing the wrong one can make your work more messy than easy. So before buying any nail gun, check out its warranty, services, and safety level. Also, ensure to purchase the correct nails as wrong nails might damage our whole gun and you may end up buying another one. I hope this article” Will 30 degree nails work in 28 degree gun” would help you much for for framing, plumbing, metal applications and palm nailers for boating.

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