What Is The Best Wood for Hardwood Floors

The question on which is the best wood for hardwood floors comes up a lot, especially to homeowners. When choosing for wood for your hardwood, there are things to consider before making the decision. One is torn in between light, dark or neutral woods. For homeowners, the best wood depends on the price, hardness, and … Read more

Types of Wood Finishes

Most of our houses are filled with items made of wood. It is a crucial material since it is natural and that’s why it requires to be treated well by adding a top layer to make it look more appealing and last longer. Refinishing counts down to protecting, improving, or adding a touch up to … Read more

A Basic Guide on Sanding Cedar Siding

how to sand cedar deck

Used by many homes all over the United States, cedar is considered by many homeowners to be one of the most attractive and durable building materials. Cedar is noted for its ease of use, lightweight nature, and stability. It can also be easily sanded in order to eliminate any defects on the surface as well as to prepare … Read more

Different Types of Cedar Wood

cedar vs pressure treated deck

Cedar is a very famous and versatile wood. It is highly used in outdoor furniture. It comes from a tree called Cedars and it has different types. Each type is different from others and serves a different purpose as well. Cedar trees are found all over the world. Let me give you something about this … Read more

How to Seal Cedar Wood? – Easy Guide for Beginners

interior cedar wood finish

Cedarwoods are incredible, they are durable, comes with an attractive look, and they are rot and decay-resistant naturally. Then why do you still need to seal cedarwood? Cedarwoods contain oil that keeps them safe from rotting and decaying. However, that cannot protect the wood from the sunlight. This wood is highly durable and beautiful, but … Read more