Top 5 Best Exterior Stain For Douglas Fir Review in 2022

By and large, douglas fir is an amazing wood since it can absorb stains in every possible way. Anyways, the right stain is mandatory to give your wood more perfection. Likewise, the best exterior stain for Douglas fir can help prevent the wood from mildew, mold, moisture, and harmful sun rays. 

Douglas Fir

Not knowing, many of us refer to them as deck stains. Although these stains give a new look to woods, the natural look will not fade away easily. Keeping that in mind, we should not compromise in choosing the first-rated product for us. 

Now and then, the newbies may fail to identify the right stain for their Douglas. On that note, this article can be a true guide to make your affiliate with some best products along with their inherited features.

Best Exterior Stain For Douglas Fir review in 2022

#1. Ready Seal Cedar Exterior Stain and Sealer 5-Gallon

Ready Seal Pail Natural Cedar Exterior Stain Sealer

Ready Seal Wood Stain is one of the best products available in the market, which requires no primer at all. One great thing about this stain is that you will not have to use any wet application as Ready Seal automatically blends itself.

Moreover, there will be hardly any streaks, runs, or laps due to Ready Seal’s Stain. Well, in any temperature range, it involves perfectly by keeping a proper application throughout. In addition, Ready Seal Stain will keep up its Goof Proof application to ensure a smooth use every time.

Anyways, the grains of your wood will become more visible because of Ready Seal 512 Stain. Therefore, an enhancement of the woods’ natural beauty is a must from here.

Cedar Exterior Stain

While applying Ready Seal Stain, it will get dark first; it will reveal its true color d within 14 days. But remember not to apply this stain to new or painted surfaces. And do not stress about its maintenance. Without any reapplication, you can use this seal at any temperature. Other than that, you will not have to thin or dilute your wood before. 

Highlighted features 

  • A great product requiring no primer
  • Can bend itself automatically 
  • Hardly prevails any streaks, runs, or laps
  • Goes fine in almost all temperatures
  • Reveals its natural color after 14 days


  • Enhances woods’ natural beauty
  • No need of thinning or diluting woods before use
  • Makes wood grains more visible
  • Ensures a smooth every time
  • Engages in all temperatures 


  • Color tends to fade in 6 months

#2. DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

For a flawless stain in playsets, siding, fences, wood decks, and outdoor patio furniture, DEFY Extreme Wood Stain is a worthy option you can have. Anyways, this deck stain is water-based and environment-friendly.

Furthermore, DEFY Extreme keeps any graying from forming and prevents the harmful rays of the sun. And don’t worry about any changes in your wood’s natural color. For now, DEFY Exterior conveys a beautiful color by maintaining a natural look of woods. 

This crystal clear wood stain also comes with nanoparticle technology which is like sunscreen for woods. Thus, any type of color loss or premature graying will not take place in your wood. And because of having tiny particles here, your wood can easily get saved from all harmful UV rays.

DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

As DEFY Extreme Exterior Stain owns high-quality resins, a better resistance from darkening and fading is obvious. And finally, you will get a nice semi-transparent deck stain with longevity. Also, there will be no need to strip or sand your surface again and again.

Highlighted features 

  • Water-based and environment-friendly stain
  • Always works like a crystal clear stain 
  • Owns a nanoparticle technology 
  • Acquires high-quality resins
  • Gives better resistance against darkenings and fadings


  • Prevents woods from harmful rays of the sun
  • Maintains the natural look of woods.
  • Works like sunscreen for woods
  • Does not require stripping or sanding again and again
  • Keeps away the graying from woods


  • Not like instructions exactly 

#3. Minwax 66010000 Gel Stain

Minwax 66010000 Gel Stain

Because of adding a great value, Minwax Gel Stain has always been a commendable product in all terms. You can use Minwax 66010000 Gel Stain in metal, fiberglass, plywood, and other surfaces for all of these. In addition, Minwax Stain contains a nondrip formula to provide ease in usage.

In essence, Minwax Gel Stain goes well with any wood within a subtle beauty. However, 66010000 Stain comes with a can of 1 quart, where you will get firm sheerness and longevity. 

 There is no option of any disappointment when it comes to the style. Besides, Minwax Wood Stain ensures longevity, too, in every way. Whenever you are doing your staining process, a uniform color will always be in your hold.

wood, plywood, fiberglass, metal,

As mentioned before, Minwax works perfectly on metal and fiberglass. Hence it can be a good substitute for varieties of surfaces as well. On the flipping side, you will not have to worry anymore about your wood’s maintenance, preparation, and protection.

While using this stain, be ready with a lint-free cloth and a purdy brush and apply the product liberally all over your wood. After that, keep following the given instructions and get a beautiful stain thereby. 

Highlighted features 

  • can use it in metal, fiberglass, plywood, and other surfaces
  • Contains a nondrip formula 
  • Comes with a can of 1 quart
  • Requires a lint-free cloth and purdy brush
  • Best wood and nonwood objects


  • Provides ease in usage
  • Ensures firm sheerness and longevity 
  • Best for maintenance and protection of wood
  • Prevails a uniform color 


  • Frequently fails in delivering an awesome color

#4. Thompson’s Waterseal Waterproffing Stain – Semi Transparent

Thompson Waterseal Waterproffing Stain

Thompson’s Waterseal Stain is always at the first when it is about sealing. From many consumers, we got to know that TH.042841-16 Stain seals flawlessly on a cedar siding. Since Thompson’s Waterseal is semi-transparent, it will be suitable for chairs, tables, and decks.

Thus, Thompson not only forms a good bond with wood fibers but also penetrates the wood gently. Likewise, different weather elements hamper the structure of the woods. 

Once you get Thompson’s TH.042841-16 in possession, there will be hardly any effects in your woods. Lightly, this wood stain forms a combination of wood stain and wood sealer. Yet, Thompson’s Stain plays a crucial role in protecting wood against water damages. So then, with an Acorn Brown color, TH.042841-16 Wood Stain leaves no stone unturned in showcasing an attractive look.

Sometimes, we also face certain peels and spills in our wood stains. But switching them with Thompson’s TH.042841-16 can be a good decision as it never leaks or peels often. 

Highlighted features 

  • Seals flawlessly on a cedar siding
  • Comes with a semi-transparent formula
  • It is a combination of wood stain and wood sealer
  • Has an attractive color of Acorn Brown


  • Gives no downturn in sealing
  • Suitable for chairs, tables, and decks
  • Protects woods from water damages
  • Does not let any weather elements hamper
  • Forms a nice bond with wood fibers 


  • Peels and flakes off sometimes 

#5. Varathane 269394 Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain

Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain

Varathane 269394 Wood Stain is always a brilliant clarity and durable product. Compared to ordinary stains, Varathane’s Stain dries 3 times faster, i.e., in 1 hour. Moreover, Varathane Premium gives a perfect color in just one coating. Other than that, it enriches the natural wood grain and highlights them significantly. 

If you have any cabinet, paneling, rig, trim, doors, or wood furniture, go with Varathane Wood Stain. The reason is, this wood stain penetrates deeply and seals all pores in the wood. Indeed, Varathane Stain can cover up to 275 feet within the high performance of the stain system.

furniture, cabinets, doors, trim and paneling

The reason is, Varathane wood stain has some nano pigment particles where the wood’s beauty reveals automatically. Overall, the whole mixture contains an oil-based formula with fast-drying merits.

Coming to the sheerness and style, they are awesome in Varathane Wood Stain. Also, it is easy to clean and lasts for a long time after disclosure. 

Highlighted features 

  • Dries 3 times faster than ordinary wood stains
  • Gives a perfect color after one coating 
  • Best for cabinet, paneling, rig, trim, doors, or any wood furniture
  • Contains nano pigment particles
  • Comes with an oil-based formula 


  • Has no complications in usage
  • Does not need more than one coating 
  • Highlights the natural grains
  • Penetrates deeply and seals all pores in a wood
  • Reveals the beauty of wood automatically 


  • Does not work as mentioned in the can

Is Douglas fir good for exterior doors?

All in all, Douglas fir suits all types of doors but mainly the exterior doors. Besides, Douglas fir resists almost all types of weathering without engaging any paints or products. In the same way, Douglas fir holds an authenticity for a 

What kind of wood is best for exterior doors?

For exterior doors, no wood can be as preferable as mahogany. Mahogany lasts for a long time. Furthermore, mahogany is renowned as an attractive hardwood because of has ribbon-like grains with it.

Is fir a good wood for front door?

Particularly, workability and straight grain pattern define a Fir. Also, this wood is widely used, being inexpensive and easy to use at the same time. Nevertheless, Firwood is always a strong and ideal material to work with. Again, you can use this fir wood for exterior doors and other construction projects.

What type of stain is best for Douglas fir?

We know there are varieties of stains in the market. But when it comes to Douglas fir, a gel stain is always the best. As gel stains own a different type of thickness, it eventually slows down the absorption of a Douglas fir and spreads the stains before sinking. In contrast, thinner stains will not work as well as a thicker stain like gel. 

Is Douglas fir good for staining?

A right stain is always remarkable for a Douglas Fir. However, Douglas fir is a conifer softwood harvested and grown in the Northwest. In addition, Douglas Fir shows a nice texture whenever it gets the right stain on the right hands. 

Another part of the key is to unclose the pores. Therefore, you can penetrate the stains using sandpaper. And do not forget to attach sandpaper of 100 grit with your hand sanding block. 

Can you treat Douglas fir for outdoor use?

Yes, Douglas fir is great for outdoor use. Undoubtedly, Douglas fir is sought-after for terraces’ and claddings’ constructions due to its firm durability. Besides, the mechanical properties of douglas fir play a great role in being used without any autoclave treatment. Moreover, it has a natural state where you will get a class 3 use. Although Douglas fir is fine for outdoor use, you cannot use it in contact with the ground for sure. 

Douglas Fir Finishing Techniques

First thing first, you have to open all the open pores using sandpaper to penetrate the stains. Then secure a 100 grit sandpaper with a sanding block. Afterward, use a short stroke to stroke the wood’s surfaces. Later on, your sandpaper will start to produce dust with some coarse textures. Then the sand is 4 inches forward in a single line with wood grain and some 3 inches backward. 

After reaching the wood’s end, start making another row. But do not forget to overlap the first line with a measurement of 1 inch. Next, dust off all dirt with a soft cloth and dip cotton into a can filled with stain. Remember to look at the dull sides where there are no shiny spots. If the appearance is dull, it means the pores of the wood are adequately open.

Keep wiping off the stains and wood using a dry cloth. And when your wood turns out dry, wipe it again, maintaining a parallel stroke. Most often, our clothes start to dry. At that time, dip the cloth into the can where you have kept all stains.

Wait for some moments to dry out the stains and let the oil stains dry for at least 3 days. 

How do you finish Douglas fir wood?

Generally, Douglas Fir does not absorb stains if sanded with sandpaper higher than 100 grit. Moreover, it will give a polished surface instead of the best results. Hence, going with a 100 above grit can assure the best results. Similarly, cotton cloth can also serve better since there are few threads and fibers on wood. On the flipping side, for a durable finish, nothing can be better than Danish Oil. And to make sure there are no hard mess-ups, use a wiping varnish too.

What stain looks good on Douglas fir?

No doubt, dye-based stains work excellent with Douglas fir. However, pigment-based stains lack a little behind than dye-based stains in terms of viewing. If you see, dye-based stains convey a natural pattern of grains beautifully. All you must have is a lint-free cloth and a sponge. Then go with the grains and work evenly on their long stripes instead of working across.

Best Stain Color for Douglas FIR 

Some exclusive colors for Douglas FIR are-

  • Early American 
  • English Chestnut
  • Medium brown
  • Royal Mahogany
  • Ebony
  • Jacobean
  • Briarsmoke
  • Kona
  • Dark Walnut
  • Honey Maple
  • Provincial
  • Special walnut

Mainly, Douglas Fir suits well with gel stain. The reason is gels consume a thickness that slows down absorptions. Nevertheless, you can easily spread the strain before sinking, which is hard with thinner liquid stains.

While for a Douglas fir, the red-brown color would look grand. And, of course, the colors will look different according to their tree cut. For instance, cream, brown, and pink colors will also be one of them. As for outdoor furniture, Douglas Fir has always been a commendable alternative. In such hues, Ebony, Medium Brown can give a nice appearance. Well, the color of Douglas Fir is more available, but the above-given colors seem popular and attractive. 

In particular, grain patterns prevail with more authenticity with stains to bring out the aesthetics. And sometimes we love to stain by ourselves. In such matters, lint-free cloth and a staining sponge can be of great help. Other than that, you have to decide what color can be preferable for your furniture.

Douglas FIR Wood Treatment 

First and foremost, use a saturator in a Douglas Fir Wood treatment. Hence, protecting your Douglas Fir’s original appearance will be easier and will not allow your wood to get black or grey. Similarly, certain stains create films on wood and thus make douglas fir lose its natural look. So be ready with a saturator every time. Conversely, keep a cloth to wipe off the extras so that no sticky finishes remain in your fir wood. Indeed, using a saturator can help give a glossy finish in new douglas fir especially. And to avoid any type of inconveniences, wait for some moment to get the wood opened.

What is the treatment for Douglas fir?

Well, a random treatment for Douglas fir will hardly make any difference. To give a nice shot, use a brush first and then apply some amount of Treatex Douglas Fir Protection gently. Make sure you are going in the same direction following the wood stain by maintaining a gauge of approximately 125ml per m². Yet, never forget to check end grains especially. Afterward, apply some wet to those wet grains and wait until timbers absorb the product. Later on, you will see your first coat is perfectly overcoated in about 3 to 6 hours.

What is the best oil for Douglas fir?

Douglas fir blends finely with some specific ingredients like wood, citrus, and spice oils. Anyways, Douglas Fir Oil is better blended with citrus essential oils, e.g., Citrus Bliss®, or any other lemon oil. As a result, a fresh aroma will remain in your environment. Additionally, you can use a Citrus Bliss as a cleaning mixture or a homemade mixture with lemon oil.

How long does it take to season a Douglas fir?

Seasoning a Douglas Fir does not take more than 1 year. But in times of winter, cutting, splitting, and stacking them will eventually take a little less time. On the other hand, you can also dead-standing trees and burn their woods for up to 6 months without any hindrances.

How do you weather proof a Douglas fir?

Generally, people do not coat their surfaces and thus face a lot of problems. To make sure your Douglas fir is always at its best, coat it properly so that it can repel moisture. Besides, you can stain or paint your Douglas Fir like any other lumber. Well, a wax or tax can help crucially to preserve a structure built by Douglas Fir.


Does Douglas fir take stain well?

Usually, Douglas fir is straight and solid and comes with gorgeous grains. But there is a little downside as well. However, Douglas fir needs some coaxings so that it can accept stains. 

What Colour does Douglas fir go?

Douglas fir goes in red-brown. On the other hand, Douglas fir sometimes varies in color due to different tree cuts. Moreover, you will get to soo colors like- cream, brown, pink and other variations. 

What is Douglas fir best used for?

Douglas fir is none other than a high-quality wood for special manufacturing of windows, doors, sashes, etc. Moreover, Douglas fir leaves no stone unturned to produce various products like boats, ships, vats, veneer, cabinets, furniture, flooring, millwork, etc. 

Douglas Fir Exterior Doors 

Here are some amazing Douglas Fir Exterior Doors below:



Summing up, we got to know some of the exclusive stains for our douglas fir. Alongside, the best exterior stain for douglas fir is yet to get if you are deciding to choose from the above products. Nevertheless, Thompson’s Waterseal Stain and DEFY Extreme Exterior Wood Stain are leading in the market. On the other hand, the budget and what type of features you want matter a lot. 

Lastly, see what traits match your preferences and go with that stain. Best of luck. 

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