Top 5 Best Sealer for Cedar in 2023

Cedarwoods are the favorite of most people due to their impressive looks. But with time due to the moisture and UV-ray, they start to wear off. It loses its beauty and your outdoor furniture or other wooden items no longer look beautiful.

Are you already experiencing something like that? And thinking about changing them? Let’s check cedar fence sealer reviews.

You won’t have to change anything, all you have to do is find the best sealer for cedar also for the fence and deck and apply it appropriately.

We are here to help you find the best sealer for cedar wood. Below we have listed down the 5 best cedar wood sealers, for biodegradable, water-based, sanding sealers for Cedar.

After that, we have compiled a buying guide as well so that you can pick the right sealer on your own.

Which is the best sealer for a wood fence?

Recommended Top 5 Best Sealer for Cedar Wood

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Ready Seal 512 Exterior Sealer

Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Stain

Star brite Premium Teak Oil

THOMPSONS Waterproofing Stain

General Finishes Exterior Wood Stain

The 6 Best Sealers for Cedar Wood

1. Ready Seal 512 Exterior Sealer for Wood-Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal Exterior Sealer for Wood

If you are looking for a sealer that will protect the wood from UV rays and water damage, this Ready seal 512 is your thing. It is not only a sealer, it is a stain as well. And before apply it doesn’t require the primer.

After applying on the initial stage this sealer or stain will become dark. Don’t freak out, it will take a few days to reach its true color.

This stain can be applied by roller, brush, or sprayer. Can be used on any kind of woods but it serves best on cedarwood. If you are using the brush to apply the stain, you don’t have to do any back brushing, there won’t be any streaks or laps.

There isn’t any temperature range for using this sealer, it can be used under any temperature. Plus, it doesn’t require a wet line application.

The most satisfying part about this sealer is, you don’t need to prepare the wood before applying it. Most of stain or sealer requires sanding or stripping, but that isn’t in case of this exterior seal.

If applied well, this sealer will make the wood UV-resistant, the sunlight wouldn’t be able to damage the wood anymore. Plus, it prevents moisture as well, protects the wood from mildew. And if we talk about the color, it enhances the natural wood color. Plus, it also comes in 7 different color tones.

And lastly, unlike some sealers, this Ready Seal 512 sealer dries way too fast. Doesn’t take more than 45-minutes.

However, there is something that is a little unpleasant and that is the color life span of this stain. The color starts to fade after 6-month but still, investing in this would be a wise decision.


  • It dries within 45-minutes.
  • Very easy to apply and maintain.
  • Ultraviolet light-resistant sealer.
  • Comes in 7 classy color tones.
  • Protects the wood from mildew.
  • Best Wood Sealer for Cedar


  • The color starts fading after 6-months.

2. Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Stain For Wood

Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Stain For Wood

The Deck Premium Semi-transparent wood stain is one of the top-notch wood sealers on the market right now. As you have noticed on the name, there is a #1.

It is a semi-transparent wood stain that enhances the natural color of the wood and also adds little color as well. This sealer penetrates deep inside the wood and seals so well that water cannot penetrate inside and make the wood rot.

Not only water, with this sealer that wood is protected from the harmful UV ray as well. It is not only a sealer, it is a stain as well. And can be applied to any outdoor wooden items whether it is the fence, railing, door, or furniture. It suits all kinds of softwoods such as redwood, cedar, fir, etc.

This sealer is a water-based formula so cleaning wouldn’t be an issue. Applying this sealer is also pretty simple, you can use a paint sprayer, roller, or brush. Since it is a semi-transparent sealer, the wood grain will be shown.

And it comes in 5 different tones, you can choose one that will blend nicely with the wood grains natural color. Moreover, since it comes with a very low amount of chemical solvents, it is very environment-friendly.

Overall, this Deck premium sealer is a top-notch one, no doubt about that. But in heavy rains, the sealer might not be able to protect the wood from the water.  You can use this product on all softwood types such as pressure treated pine, cedar, fir or redwood.

Tips:While wood sealers last for many years without needing reapplication, it is recommended to re-seal your deck between one and three years.


  • It is a sealer and a stain as well.
  • Protects the wood from water penetration.
  • Prevents UV-ray from damaging the wood.
  • Comes in 5 beautiful color tones.
  • Suitable for all kinds of softwoods.
  • Comes with low VOCs(volatile organic compounds).


  • Cannot protect the wood from water fully.

3. Star brite Premium Teak Oil For Outdoor Wood

Star brite Premium Teak Oil For Outdoor Wood

The star brite premium teak oil is designed to protect the wood from harsh weather. It is used on the boats so that saltwater cannot damage the wood, which should give insight into how powerful this oil is.

It is suitable for cedar and teak woods, there are some other woods as well where this oil could be used but they perform at their best on cedar and teak.

As the name suggests it is sealant oil and penetrates inside the wood so that it can seal better. If applied accurately and dried properly, doesn’t matter how badly it rains outside, water wouldn’t be able to do any damage to the wood.

Apart from that, there is some additive in this oil that blocks the UV-ray and due to that the gets saved from early fading and color loss.

If we talk about the appearance, this sealer does make the wood look good. It has a kind of warm golden tone and it really makes the furniture look like new.

And like some other sealer of the market, the color wouldn’t fade away within 6 months, the color is very long-lasting and so is the sealing.

Using this sealer oil is so effortless. It can be sprayed and brushed. We would suggest going with the brushing if there is a small area to cover. Otherwise, go with the spray. And if the wood surface is very smooth, this sealer gives good coverage as well.


  • Enhances the natural wood grain color.
  • Seals the wood extremely well.
  • Protects the wood from water and UV ray.
  • Super easy to apply and maintain.
  • It dries pretty quick.
  • The color lasts very long.


  • The wood needs to be prepared before applying.
  • It is a little expensive.

4. THOMPSONS Waterproofing Stain For Outdoor Furniture

THOMPSONS Waterproofing Stain For Outdoor Furniture

Here we have another two in one product, the Thompson Waterseal TH 041851-16 sealer. As the name suggests, it is a waterproof sealer and it does live up to the user’s expectation in terms of protection from water.

It is a water-based sealer and it does penetrate inside the wood and seals properly. And due to that no water can penetrate and cause the wood to rot.

It is a clear seal, so don’t worry about the wood’s natural beauty is hidden. The texture and grain color will be clearly shown.

Talking about the color, this sealer comes with advanced polymers that make the color very long-lasting and fade-resistant. There are a bunch of sealers in the market whose color wouldn’t last even for 6 months but this one is really different.

You can use this sealer and stain on different wood types but it works amazingly on cedarwood. Apart from the water protection, this sealer does provide decent protection from the UV ray as well. And not to forget, it prevents mildew as well.

Like other sealers on this list, this one is also pretty easy to apply, can be rolled, brushed, and sprayed. However, it does not dry quickly but neither it takes very long.

After applying it, leave it for 2-hour, that would be enough. And when applying make sure to not apply under direct sunlight. Click to Check Price Apply Thompson’s on your cedar surface for a less-expensive solution to your home improvement needs. 


  • It is a sealer and a wood stain as well.
  • Comes with Polymer that makes the color last very long.
  • Seals so well that no water can penetrate inside the wood.
  • It preserves and enhances the natural wood color.
  • Very easy to apply and clean.
  • Dries within 2-hour.


  • This sealer needs preparation before using such as mixing.

5. General Finishes Exterior Wood Stain for Outdoor Projects

General Finishes Exterior Wood Stain for Outdoor Projects

General is one of the well-reputed brands when it comes down to high-quality stains and sealers. And this General finishes exterior wood stain isn’t any different. It is a water-based sealer and lives up to the user’s expectation.

However, this was specially designed to be applied on a vertical surface, it isn’t suitable for applying on horizontal wooden surfaces.

This sealer gives good coverage and if the wood surface is extremely smooth, then you are going to great coverage. Applying this sealer or stain is very easy, thanks to its smooth flowing texture that makes the job smooth and very satisfying.

Can be applied through the brush, roller, or sprayer. And it would leave any brush mark behind so you won’t have to back brush it.

Maintaining this stain or sealer is effortless. Just use soap & water and then wipe clean the surface, it will get cleaned. And don’t worry about water penetration. This sealer seals very well that water cannot penetrate.

Not only from water, but this sealer also protects the wood from the UV ray and Mildew as well.

It contains UV absorbing pigments and Mildewcides, these are what does the wonder. However, it would have been best if the color of this sealer would have been fade-resistant.

Unfortunately, the color fades and this is due to the UV-ray. Though it comes with UV-absorbing pigments but still UV penetrates inside and causes the color to fade.

And lastly, according to the manufacturer, this sealer or stain is best for fences, furniture, and patio.


  • Very smooth flow textured stain.
  • Easy to apply on smooth surfaces.
  • Protects wood from moisture.
  • Easy to clean the surface.
  • Protects the wood from mildew.


  • Color fades.

6. Olympic Waterproofing Wood Stain For All Wood Types

Olympic Waterproofing Wood Stain For All Wood Types

Though it is a little expensive but delivers great value for the money. It is one of the best cedar deck sealers, for deck this one is extremely popular. In fact, this Olympic Stain 56500 is the best production of the brand so far. As the name suggests, it is a waterproofing sealant and it does live up to that.

It delivers incredible waterproofing ability, doesn’t matter how bad or hard it is raining water wouldn’t be able to penetrate inside the wood. This sealant can be used in both outdoor and indoor, it is suitable for both.

Apart from the waterproofing, it does a good job of blocking the ultraviolet light as well. UV ray is what causes the wood to lose its color but that will not be the scenario when the wood has worn this Olympic sealant coating.

This sealer enhances the natural wood grain color as well. The manufacturer has used weather-ready formula in this sealer and that enables you to apply this under any weather condition. That being said, do not apply it under direct sunlight.


  • This stain is incredibly well in waterproofing wood.
  • It blocks the UV-ray and saves the wood from discoloring.
  • Very effortless to apply on a smooth surface.
  • Can be used on both exterior and interior wooden items.
  • Improves the natural wood color.


  • Little expensive.

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The 5 Best Cedar Fence Sealer Reviews

Cedarwood is a highly popular choice for outdoor wood projects. Whether it is the railing, fences, or outdoor furniture, this very wood is widely used.

Though cedar wood comes with properties that keep insects, rots away but still for optimum durability you need to look after cedarwood.

And one of the best ways to care for a cedar fence is to seal that with a top-notch sealer. Not all sealers of the market are going to work great, you will need to find the best sealer for cedar fence.

If you do not have any knowledge about these, then I would recommend you go through this guide. It will be enough to lead you towards the best cedar fence sealer within very little time.

Have a look!

1. Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain by Varathane

Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain by Varathane

If you want to use a sealer that will get dry very soon, then consider picking up this Varathane 269394 wood stain sealer. This stain will dry within one hour of applying.

However, it is only for indoor use, cannot use this stain outdoors. I mean you can use it outdoor but it wouldn’t perform, so that’s a no-go!

It comes in different colors, with more than 12 different color options to choose from. And all the colors look pretty classy. Apart from that, this stain enhances the natural wood grain color which looks incredibly well. Plus, to get the desired color, you will not need to do a couple of coating, a single coating will get you’re the right color.

One best part about this wood stain is, after applying this stain penetrates deep inside the wood pores and that leads to top-notch staining.

This is a 32oz wood stain gallon and with it, you will be able to cover around 275 sq feet wood surface easily. That being said, if the coating is thick then you might need more stain.

And if I talk about the durability when applied indoors properly, it will last for years, and top of everything, the color wouldn’t fade any time soon. Lastly, the manufacturer has priced it pretty low as well.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • 13 color options.
  • It Will last for years,high quality stain
  • 32 oz. covers 275 sq ft.
  • Dries within 1-hour.
  • Enhances the wood grain color.


  • Doesn’t perform outdoor.
  • Lengthy applying process.

2. DEFY Extreme Exterior Wood Stain For Fences

DEFY Extreme Exterior Wood Stain For Fences

If the wood is cedar and you want to show off the beauty of its natural wood grain then this DEFY extremely semi-transparent wood stain is your grab.

No, it is not completely transparent but still, the wood grains will be shown nicely. In fact, this stain will enhance the natural color of the grains.

It is an outdoor wood stain so whether it is a fence, railings, decks, siding, patio, outdoor furniture, you can apply this very DEFY stain anywhere you want. DEFY Composite Deck Sealer is made with the highest quality product.

This stain is fortified with Zinc nanoparticles (zinc nano particle technology )which works as a sunscreen for the wood. It prevents the UV-ray from damaging the wood. Color loss is also caused by UV-ray so with this stain you are safe from that as well.

The manufacturer has used top-notch resin in the making of this stain and as result, it lasts more than a season and is also resistant to early fading or color loss.

If I talk about the maintenance, that is pretty simple as well with this very stain. Just brighten the wood with DEFY brightener and then apply a single coat.


  • UV ray-resistant wood stain.
  • Fade-resistant.
  • Very easy to apply and maintain.
  • Improves the color of the grains.
  • Highly long-lasting.
  • Protects the wood.


  • Requires much stain.

3. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL 21802 Wood Sealer


Thomson’s produces some of the top­-notch products of the industry. They have been around for a very long and knows exactly what satisfies the users. Likewise this Thompson water seal 21802 is another top-notch production of this very brand.

It is an extremely durable clear wood sealer which protects the wood from water damage and at the same time it maintains the natural wood color. Not only protection from water, but this sealer also saves the wood from UV-ray and mildew as well.

With one gallon of this water sealer, you will be able to cover up to 400 SQ ft easily. With this sealer you won’t be needing to do multiple coatings, single coating works pretty well. If you need little color then you better go with the Signature series sealers from Thomson.

However, applying this sealer isn’t very simple, there are some do and don’t you need to consider before applying. You will get the instruction with the purchase. But the important thing you must know is, you cannot apply this sealer on damp wood.


  • UV-ray and Mildew-resistant.
  • Lasts pretty long.
  • Protects the wood from water.
  • Doesn’t require a couple of coating.
  • Comes in a metal can.
  • 1 gallon can cover up to 400 Sq ft.


  • Cannot protect from humidity.

4. Rain Guard Sealers For Interior or Exterior Wood Fences

Rain Guard Sealers For Interior or Exterior Wood Fences

Looking for a good quality water sealer? Here is the thing, the Rain Guard SP-8002 water sealer. It is fortified with micro lock properties which enable the solvent-based sealant absorption ability in woods.

Once applied, this sealer creates a hydrophobic barrier and the wood cannot be damaged by anything else such as UV-ray, water, salt, dirt, mildew, etc. Virtually you can use this sealer on all kinds of porous surfaces.

And as long as you are concerned about the color, it is a water-based sealant so it is completely transparent. It doesn’t enhance the wood grains color either.

It is an environment-friendly sealant, you can use this around the pet, plants, and humans of course. With one gallon of this sealer, you can cover around 200 sq ft surface. When applying keep in mind that the temperature should be between 40 – 80 degrees F.

The manufacturer recommends applying this sealer with a low-pressure sprayer. And you should apply a double coat for optimum protection.


  • Offers good protection.
  • Covers a lot of area with a single gallon.
  • Comes with a UV stabilizer.
  • Very long-lasting protection.
  • Environment-friendly formula.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Only available in clear, no colours.

5. Eco Advance Waterproofer For Wood Fences

Eco Advance Waterproofer For Wood Fences

With this Eco Advance Wood Siloxane waterproofer, you have two options, either pick a ready to use one or pick a liquid concentrate. With the ready to use one, you can use it right out of the box and you can spray that on the woods without any worry at all.

And the latter one is cost-efficient but you will have to mix it very well before applying it to the wood. Whether it is shingles, decks, boats, sidings, fences, or anything else, you can seal that with this very waterproofer. And once applied properly, it will protect the wood not only from water but from salts, molds, oils, and chemicals also.

After applying this waterproofer you will see it making a while film but don’t worry that is a part of the process. When that will be soaked properly it will become fully clear.

It is an environment-friendly solution, non-flammable and non-toxic. The manufacturer says, if applied properly this waterproofer can protect the wood for up to 5-years. It is recommended to use a garden sprayer for applying this solution.

With a 16 oz. bottle you can cover up to 240 sq ft of the wood surface. And after applying this might take around 2-hour to get dried completely.


  • Very environment-friendly.
  • Doesn’t come with any harsh smell.
  • Protects from water, oil, salt, chemicals, etc.
  • Doesn’t change the wood appearance.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Doesn’t protect the wood from UV-ray.

3 Best Sealer For Cedar Posts

1. SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY Wood Sealer For Cedar Posts

SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY Wood Sealer For Cedar Posts

It is a pretty expensive wood sealer but doesn’t let the price stop you, the sealing quality it offers demands an expensive price. A lot of sealers don’t even last 1 or 2-year though they are advertised to last for around years.

But this seal once isn’t like that, it is highly long-lasting. The manufacturer says this sealer can last up to 6 to 10-year if applied properly.

This water-based sealer comes with an improved penetrating technology which makes this sealer seal the wood from inside as well. And this contains the strength of polyurethane as well. It is highly environment friendly, doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or noxious solvents.

It can be applied is most outdoor wood items such as the deck, railing, shingles, furniture, etc. This sealer promises to protect the wood from cupping, mold, mildew, staining, and decay. And like some low-quality sealers of the market, this one will not peel off.

This sealer is available in 11-different tints, so choose one that suits the wood color best.


  • Sealers penetrate deep inside the wood.
  • It is a water-based sealer.
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Protects from mold, mildew, scratch, and decay.
  • Very easy to apply.


  • It is very expensive.

2. RUST-OLEUM 25023 Outdoor Finish

RUST-OLEUM 25023 Outdoor Finish

Look at this Rust-Oleum 25023 another top-notch wood sealer that has been satisfying the need of users for a very long time.

This finish comes with UV absorbing properties that make it protect the wood from UV-ray effectively. Not only UV ray, but this finish can also protect the wood from other outdoor damages as well.

It is a clear finish, it doesn’t add any color to the wood. And makes the wood scratch-resistant. If I talk about durability, it is a pretty durable exterior finish. It dries pretty fast, you can do triple coating on a single day.


  • UV protection.
  • Makes the wood scratch-resistant.
  • Dries very fast.
  • Doesn’t get yellowish.
  • Very easy to apply.


  • Not very long-lasting.

3. Ready Seal Exterior Wood Stain For Cedar Posts

Ready Seal Exterior Wood Stain

This is the second ready seal sealer on the list, yet another worthy unit. You don’t need any primer before applying this sealer. You can apply it using a sprayer, or roller, or brush. When brushing you won’t need to do any back brushing or wet line application since this sealer doesn’t leave laps.

There isn’t any temperature range, you can apply the sealer under any temperature but obviously, choose the normal temperature for the optimum result. It is a clear seal so do not expect any color nor any enhancement of wood grains.

Though it is advertised to be UV-resistant but some users have found this is not an effective sealer in terms of UV-ray blocking.


  • Super easy to apply.
  • No back brushing is required.
  • Dries pretty quick.
  • Woods grains will be shown.


  • Doesn’t block UV-ray well.
  • Requires a couple of coatings.

Best Sealer for Cedar Deck Reviews

The deck is like an outdoor living room where you have a lot of fun with family and friends. And they look pretty cool as well, and if it is made of cedarwood, then surely that is an eye-catcher. Because cedar woods look really cool.

However, moisture, mildew, rain, UV-ray, sooner or later elements will definitely damage the deck. It will suffer from color loss and the wood might even start to rot as well. You cannot remove these elements for obvious reasons but you can do something to protect the deck from damages.

Invest few bucks on the best sealer for cedar deck and that will take care of the rest. It will keep the wood protected from all those damages for a satisfactory amount of time.

However, from a pool of hundreds of cedar deck sealers finding the ideal one is quite a task. And to help you with that we have come up with a list of 7 best cedar deck sealers that are worth giving a try.

1. Ready Seal Exterior Wood Sealer For Decks

Ready Seal Exterior Wood Sealer For Decks

Whether it is stain or sealer, the Ready Seal brands shine in all. They have produced some of the top-notch sealers and stains in the market. This ready seal 505 sealer doesn’t require any primer before applying and doesn’t require thinning or diluting before spraying.

It is a great option for a cedar fence stain. It can be applied by brush, spray, or even with the roller. And the best part is, if using a brush or roller, you won’t have to do any back brushing because this sealer doesn’t leave any streaks, laps, and run.

In the beginning, the ready seal sealer looks dark, very dark. Do not worry about that because it will take around 12-14 days for this sealer to rich its true color. This brand has been rated on many occasions as the best cedar deck sealer by consumers. 

One thing to keep in mind with this sealer, you cannot apply it on the newly stained or painted surface because they wouldn’t let this sealer to penetrate inside the wood. It comes in 6 different tones, which allows you to choose the one that blends well with the existing wood colour.

No wet line application is required, this sealer will get mixed on its own. And before applying this very sealer you don’t have to any sanding or stripping work. The ready seal 505 is ready to use right out of the can. 


  • Applying this sealer is very easy.
  • Can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed.
  • Comes in 6 different tones.
  • Wood preparation isn’t required.
  • Doesn’t leave any laps and runs.
  • Protects the wood from water penetration.


  • The color starts fading when it crosses 6 months.

2. SEAL-ONCE MARINE Penetrating Sealer For Wood Decks

SEAL-ONCE MARINE Penetrating Sealer For Wood Decks

It is a clear sealer and it is water-based. Though water-based sealers don’t offer protection like oil-based sealers that isn’t the case with this sealer. This sealer offers protection like an oil-based sealer.

It penetrates inside the wood fibers and seals so well that no water or moisture can penetrate inside. Along with this is a mildew-resistant sealer as well, it prevents mold growth and keeps the wood healthy for a long period of time. Seal once marine is the best clear sealer for cedar.

Do not worry about the cracking of the sealing, whether it is summer or winter, the sealer with expanding or contract along with the wood.

Since it is a water-based sealer it comes with a very low amount of chemical solvent, it contains very low VOCs. And that makes it safe to use around children and animals.

Cleaning this sealer is very easy, no solvent or any chemical is needed. Pick soapy water and wipe clean it. This sealer is specially designed to be used around the salty water, so it is suitable for use on the boat as well.


  • Suitable for use on a boat.
  • Super to clean with soapy water.
  • Penetrates deep inside the wood.
  • Very easy to apply.
  • Moisture and water-resistant.
  • Prevents mold growth.


  • It gives a milky tone.

3. Olympic Stain Maximum Deck Stain

Olympic Stain Maximum Deck Stain

Olympic is producing some high-quality wood stains and sealers since 1938. And here we have another top-notch protection of them the Olympic Stain 79603 wood sealer and stain.

It is a semi-transparent sealer that adds little tone to the wood and still shows the natural beauty of the wood grains which is really amazing.

It is a sealer and at the same time, it is a stain as well. If we talk about the protection, this sealer or stain offers great protection from both water and UV-ray.

Doesn’t matter how harshly it rains or how sunny the weather is, water and the UV ray wouldn’t be able to penetrate deep inside the wood.

Applying this sealer is very easy and it gets extremely satisfying when the wood surface is extremely smooth. Apart from that, there aren’t any temperature or weather recommendations, you can apply it at any temperature. But we would suggest not to use it under direct sunlight.


  • Protects from UV-ray.
  • Water-resistant sealer.
  • Super easy to apply and maintain.
  • No temperature recommendation.
  • Woods grains can show through the seal.


  • This sealer is a little thin.

4. ToughTimber Waterproof Deck Sealer

ToughTimber Waterproof Deck Sealer

This Tough Timber Waterproof deck sealer is something that will protect the cedar deck for years. Not only decks, but this very sealer also works great on most cedar wood items whether it is 5the rood, deck, fence, or shingles. This sealer seals the wood very well by penetrating deep inside and makes the wood water-repellent.

Since this sealer seals the wood from inside, that prevents any water from penetrating inside the wood. In other words, the sealer makes cedarwood mildew and mold-resistant.

Not only that, this sealer makes the wood gas and oil-resistant as well. Using this sealer is super easy. Just mix it well and then apply.

With the 5-gallon sealer, you will be able to cover around 1000 square-feet of the wood. However, though that depends on the porosity of the wood surface.

On the smoother wood surfaces, you should be able to cover around 100 square-feet with ease. There is one thing that isn’t likable and that is this sealer doesn’t protect the wood from UV-ray.


  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Penetrates deep inside the wood.
  • Protects the wood from water.
  • Makes the wood mold and mildew-resistant.
  • Offers good color.
  • Will last for a couple of years.


  • Doesn’t protect from the UV-ray.

5. Seal It Green Garden Box Sealer For Decks

Seal It Green Garden Box Sealer For Decks

The Seal It green garden box sealer is a plant-based sealer that can be applied over the cedar woods used around the raised bed gardens. This sealer is going deep inside the wood, forms a good bond with the wood grains, and hence prevents any water from penetrating inside the wood.

It comes with no toxic elements, has a very low amount of VOCs which is safe to use around plants and pets.

Since there is no toxic chemical in this sealer, even if the sealer leach into the soil, nothing bad will happen to the plants. Apart from the gardens, this sealer can be used on pet projects as well. It will be very safe for them.

With this sealer, you will be able to cover around 400 square feet of the wood surface. The number might get reduce a bit if the wood surface isn’t smooth.

However, though this sealer protects the wood from water, it doesn’t protect the wood from the UV-ray which is a drawback of this sealer.


  • There isn’t any toxic chemical.
  • Penetrates inside the wood and forms a great bond.
  • Protects the wood from water, mold, and mildew.
  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Safe for use around pets and plants.


  • No protection from UV-ray.

6. Ready Seal Exterior Wood Sealer

Ready Seal Exterior Wood Sealer

Now we are looking at the last sealer of the list and that is the Ready Seal 100 Clear wood stain. This wood stain contains all the needed elements that a high-quality wood sealer should have. It is a professional grade sealer and stain that does an excellent job protecting the wood from all kind of threat.

Compared to other wood stains, this one is easier to apply as well. It requires no primer before applying and it can be sprayed, or rolled, or brushed. No thinning or diluting is needed before applying.

When applying it doesn’t leave any laps or runs so no back brushing is needed as well. You might have already guessed how easy it is to apply even for a beginner.

There isn’t any temperature range, you can apply this under any temperature. However, though it is an exterior wood sealer but it hasn’t proven itself to be extremely protective in harsh conditions. According to a few users, this works best in interior wood pieces.


  • Super easy to apply.
  • Doesn’t require a primer.
  • Can be sprayed brushed or rolled.
  • Offers decent protection from water.
  • Enhances the wood color.


  • Not protective under harsh weather conditions.

Cedar fence sealer vs Unsealed

Unsealed wood will splinter and crack and eventually decay, while sealed wood is less susceptible to the elements and will last longer. Unsealed wood can also stain your fence lines, and greener greeneries, while we’re on the subject.

Cedar fence sealer makes it simple to protect your cedar fence from harmful weather. Sun, snow, rain, nothing can damage your cedar fence if it’s sealed with cedar fence sealer before the elements get to it. It also prevents water, mildew, mold, and insects from causing damage to your fence.

Cedar fence sealer stop greying

What should I do about my cedar fence turning grey? The Answer is stop greying and regain the original color of your fence with our Cedar Fence Sealer.

This sealer will keep your cedar fence protected from the elements and looking its best. The oil-based formulation keeps your fence looking its best without harming the quality of your wood.

What is a wood sealer?

Woods Sealers are designed to penetrate into your wood’s pores to prevent it from dry out as it grows. Outdoor furniture and wood floors exposed to the sun or kept dumped for a prolonged period can cause the sealer to break down.

Regular cleaning using mild bleach or detergent will usually help clean the surface finish. If there is algae or mold growth then sealer won’t penetrate.

It also must be cleaned and let it dry before application. It is sinful to use the cedar sealer on unblemished surfaces. If you must have it on muddy surfaces it’s pointless.

Benefits of Using Sealer on Cedar Wood

Using Sealer on Cedar Wood

There are a bunch of benefits of using a sealer on cedarwood. Not only cedarwood, sealers beneficial for all kinds of woods. There are benefits that are visible, some are invisible. However, in this very section, we are going to discuss all the benefits that wood gains from an ideal sealer.

Easy to use

Compared to paint, sealers are way too easy to apply. There are different kinds of sealers but water-based sealers don’t even require priming before the application.

Plus, sealers come pre-ready, they are ready to be used right out of the can. Moreover, if we compare sealers with paint, sealers are extremely comfortable to apply both on the old and new wood surfaces.

Protects from Rotting

There are chances that every wood will rot, doesn’t matter how hard or soft the wood is. Since woods are natural, the UV-ray and the moisture causes them to rot.

But wood sealers can prevent that, as long as you pick the ideal one. Sealers can penetrate deep into the wood and seals which prevent moisture to penetrate the grains and cause rotting.

On the other hand, UV ray also does huge damage to the wood. The most common reason behind the early fading of the wood is the UV ray, it makes the wood look very ugly. An ideal sealer will prevent the UV-ray from penetrating, so the wood will be safe from the UV ray as well.

Preserves the Beauty

This is one of the most major reasons why people go for sealers. Because it preserves the beauty, in fact, in some cases wood sealers even enhance the beauty of the wood.

And when the wood is faded, the sealer does an excellent job there. It tries to restore the natural color tone, sometimes the tone doesn’t reach to exact previous tone but they still make an ugly wood look very beautiful.

Easy on the Wallet

One popular way of finishing the wood is painting, you can tell it is a traditional method. But paint peels off soon. And if the weather is too harsh, then they peel off too soon.

On the other hand, you can rely on sealers. As long as you stick to the ideal sealer, it will last very long. And compared to the paint, sealers are way too affordable.

The Best Wood Sealers For Cedar Buyer’s Guide

People can buy goods without researching and end up with the wrong formula. We outlined some important considerations as you shop for most durable wood sealers available for cedar wood finishes. They include: The best Cedar made wood structures and the best sealers available for your cedar building structure. The best wood sealing materials are the best on the market. These are also a good material for ced-wooded buildings.

Just keep a few things in mind while purchasing a wood sealer, and you will end up landing on the right sealer for the wood. Get ready to solid stain your cedar wood fence or wood deck, or maybe even cedar siding to boost your home’s curb appeal?

Below we are going to discuss about some major considerations that one needs to make when purchasing, go through the entire guide, it is going to turn extremely beneficial for everyone who needs an ideal wood sealer.


Water causes major damage to the wood, it causes wood to rot, so protection from water is a must. There are some sealers that seal the wood so well that doesn’t matter how bad it is raining, no water would be able to penetrate inside. And there are also some which offer decent protection from water.

We would recommend you to go with the sealer that doesn’t let water penetrate at all. Those sealers might be a little expensive but they are worth the investment. And in the long run, you will be on the winning side.

Ultraviolet light protection

After water, the most damaging thing to wood is the UV-ray. It causes wood to fade very soon and makes the wooden items look extremely ugly. Some sealers come with UV blocking additives like Zinc.

If you want your wood to be highly protected and beautiful, do not hesitate to invest in a sealer that is both water and UV ray-resistant.


Mildew also damages the wood, but not as much as water and UV-ray. Still, since it damages doesn’t matter if it is little damage, you should do something to protect the wood. You will find sealers which are Mildew and dust-resistant as well, they could be a great option.

There are sealers that come with everything, they are UV-ray, water, and mildew-resistant. Plus, offers a good color tone as well.

Cedar wood surface condition

Types of Sealers

There are different types of sealers but the two most common types are Water-based and polyurethane sealers. Water-based sealers are highly preferred by homeowners. These sealers don’t change the appearance but they are highly environment friendly.

They come with very low chemical solvents which makes it safe for use around pets and kids. However, some water-based sealers penetrate into the wood grain and cause the wood to expand a bit.

On the other hand, polyurethane sealers are not environment friendly, they contain high chemical solvents so they are not safe using around kids and pets.

But the best part of these sealers is they are incredibly durable and they can clean easily with soapy water. Polyurethane sealers are made of resins and sealants.


When it comes down to the appearance of the sealer, there are three types, Clear sealers, semi-transparent, and tinted sealers. Clear sealer doesn’t change the appearance, which means it doesn’t add any color from its own.

Clear sealers are used in woods which already looks good. For example, if we talk about cedarwood. Cedarwood grains look very good, when you add a clear sealer, the grains will be shown.

Semi-transparent sealers add little tone and at the same time, the wood grains will also be shown. These sealers enhance the wood grain color a bit. And lastly, tinted sealers add colors, there will be different tones and you can choose one that goes with the wood color.

Sealer Coverage

When you purchasing sealers, you will have to determine how big the wood area is that you will be sealing. And you will have to pick according to that. Normally, sealers are measured square feet per gallon. Measure the wooden area and then purchase the needed amount.

However, not every type of sealer will give you the same coverage. Water-based sealers will give the highest coverage where polyurethane sealers give a little less. Whatever it is, the coverage will be written on the gallon so check wisely.

Apart from that, coverage depends on the porosity of the wood as well. On an extremely smooth wood surface, you will get good coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sealer for Cedar

#1. Can you waterproof cedar?

No only cedar, you can waterproof any wood. You will need a good quality waterproof treatment that will suit the wood kind.

And if you have prior knowledge of staining or sealing the woods, it will become effortless for you. Clean the wood and then apply the waterproof solution. You can use anything to apply the solution, roller, brush, or spray.

If you want optimum protection from water, then make sure to apply multiple coatings of the waterproof treatment.

#2. Should cedar fence be sealed?

There are five main reasons to seal cedar fences. Cedar fences last longer, look better, stay cleaner, require less maintenance, and cost less than non-cedar alternatives.

Moreover, you need to take proper care of it by sealing it every 3 to 4 months. The second is to use the right tools and materials so that you can seal it in much less time.

#3. Do you need a wood sealer for Cedar?

Wood sealer protects, preserves, and revitalizes wood. It is of high quality, made only from the finest natural ingredients to give you beautiful results.

It can extend life and protect against insects and mold. If you apply it onto cedar wood it will protect it from moisture penetration, rot, insects, mold, and mildew.

#4. How often should you seal a cedar fence?

Cedar fences can last decades, but they can also need to be sealed periodically. Sealing a cedar fence will help protect it from weather and water damage and preserve the rich natural color of the wood. Sealing a fence once every 2-3 years is recommended.

There are several benefits for sealing a fence that includes repelling water or moisture from your fence, giving your fence a shine, and protecting the color from running.

#5. What kind of stain to use on cedar fence?

You can use any stain on cedar. It really isn’t a problem to use one of the oil based stains unless the fence is extremely dry. Then you might prefer an latex, water based stain. Because of the oils in cedar, you do not want to use a water-based polyurethane because it will never cure properly, and will peel.

First test a small section on the bottom of your fence with each type of stain. Dispose of the test strips properly so you do not get stains all over your hands and clothes.

#6. How do you seal rough cut cedar?

This is the same as sealing any kind of wood. All you have to ensure is, you are picking up the right sealer for the job. Not all sealers will suit rough-cut cedarwood. You will have to choose a suitable one that lasts long. And if we talk about applying that is simple as well.

Prepare the wood by sanding it, clean off all the dust, and then apply the sealer. Make a couple of coatings and let them dry properly.

#7. Can I use polyurethane on Cedar?

Yes, you can and you should! Polyurethane will protect the wood from all kinds of dust debris that will cause the wood to rot and the color to fade.

#8. What is the best way to protect cedar?

1. opaque or solid color. A thorough coating on the coating of the acrylic paint is generally the protective of the finishes. It will protect from moisture and weathering but it will completely conceal the wood’s colour and grain – so you must choose the color you want.

#9. How do you protect cedar wood outside?

Application to bare or old cedars using water-repellent preservative (1% or less wax volume and content). Give it a week to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions. If wood was treated in dips a more prolonged amount of drying will be required.

#10. How do you seal and protect cedar?

It is Linseed oil that is best for outdoor use. Linseed oil the first ingredient in oil finishes that clears out from processing. You can buy other clear stains from waters but they won’t last nearly as long as linseed oils.It ensures the protection of your wooden structure that will last several years. It enhances natural cedar color radiant.

#11. Is Thompson’s water Seal good for cedar?

A new waterproofing strip from industry leaders Thompson’s Waterseal can protect your deck from possible flooding and add rich colour. Choose from five popular colors: Acorn Brown, Harvest Gold, Maple Brown Sequoia Red or Woodland Cedar. I’ve actually seen some of our customers who’s used Thompson’s 3 months before, not protecting Cedar wood surface. Allowing water to soak in, not beading up. I’ve actually paid customers to properly dispose of this crap for them, using a stain that actually works like it is suppose to


We hope your search for the best sealer for cedar wood will end here. The 6 stains and sealers we have reviewed above are definitely going to meet your expectations.

They improve the color and protect the wood from different damages as well. However, make sure you apply them right, otherwise, you wouldn’t get the performance you have expected. Have you checked the condition of your wooden furniture, floors, cabinets, and doors for wood sealer? Are you noticing a change in the appearance on the surface of your wooden cedar furniture, deck, or outdoor patio? Let us know!

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