Can You Cut Vinyl Flooring With A Miter Saw

Can You Cut Vinyl Flooring With A Miter Saw [answered]

Cutting Vinyl Flooring with a Miter Saw

Yes. You can cut vinyl flooring with a miter saw. Actually, it is pretty easier than the other methods. In addition, you will get some fresh edges that will make the cut clean. What do you need to do then? Things are fairly simple in the process. 

For the starter pack, you have to make the marks, and you are up for the job. Using a miter saw, you can easily get 90-degree cuts. It is very easy to use a miter saw to cut vinyl flooring. But things can become tricky when you try to protect both your body and the material of the flooring. 

Generally, there are two types of miter saw. The sliding model and the non-sliding model. Basically, there are no big differences in using either of the types. You will get almost similar results. But using a sliding model can give a slight benefit of getting sharp blades for a long time. 

What Saw Blade To Cut Vinyl Flooring

Saw Blade To Cut Vinyl Flooring

You can use different types of tools to cut vinyl flooring. Similarly, you can use different types of saw blades to cut vinyl flooring also. For example, you can use a chop saw, a circular saw, or even a table saw to get the job done. 

However, you have to ensure one thing. The higher the tooth count per inch, the better. If the tooth count of the blade is 100 or more, you can be on the safe side to get clean cuts. 

Pro tip: Keep the leading edge of the blade in contact with the board’s face. It will help you get reduced chipping. 

What Size Saw Blade To Cut Laminate Flooring

Size Saw Blade To Cut Laminate Flooring

There are so many chances of getting difficulties while cutting laminate flooring. For instance, the most common issue while doing the job is getting the saw blade worn down. 

If you think it is the hardness of the HDFC (high-density fiber core) behind this issue, you are wrong. Surprisingly, industrial-grade sandpaper requires the same level of aluminum oxide. What is the solution, then? 

You have to use the perfect-sized saw blade to get rid of this problem. Our suggestion is to use a blade with carbide tips having around 80 to 100 teeth. If you manage to use this size saw blade, you can use the blade for as long as 1000 sqft without worrying about re-sharpening. 

How To Cut Vinyl Flooring With A Miter Saw: 

You may need to cut vinyl flooring in different circumstances. You may even need to cut them into different shapes. Whatever you do, the following steps will help you do the job in an easier way. 

Step 1: Mark The Spot

The first and foremost job to do while cutting vinyl flooring is to mark the spot you want to cut. For the purpose of marking, you can either use a ruler or a framing square. You can also get the job done by getting the exact amount of flooring you need to cut by placing the sheet against the wall. 

Step 2: Get The Right Sized Miter Saw

After you are done marking the spot, you have to manage the right miter saw for the job. Just make sure you use a miter saw with the right-sized blade. 

Step 3: Start Cutting By Following The Marks

Now, you have to start cutting the vinyl flooring using the miter saw. Be careful about your body and try to avoid accidents. Try keeping the leading edge of the blade towards the board’s face. It will help you get cleaner cuts. 

Step 4: Finish Things Up 

After cutting the flooring, do a recheck whether everything is okay or not. If you don’t get the desired cut, measure everything from scratch once again. You might have done something wrong earlier. On the other hand, if everything seems okay, you are done with the job. 

Frequently Asking Question

1. Can You Use A Miter Saw To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Yes, you can use a miter saw to cut vinyl plank flooring. But as there are some differences between sheet vinyl and plank vinyl, there are some limits.  

You will be able to perform crosscuts pretty easily. Things will go south if you opt to do something like rip cuts. As a miter saw is only a crosscut type, you won’t be able to do rip cuts on vinyl plank flooring. 

2. Can I Use A Chop Saw To Cut Vinyl Flooring? 

A chop saw is a lot similar to a miter saw. The main difference between these two is that a miter saw can do angled cuts while a chop saw can do only 90-degree cuts. So, factually, you can use a chop saw to do the cutting of vinyl flooring. Just one recommendation from our side. Get a saw blade that has 100 or more teeth. 

3. Is A Miter Saw Good For Cutting Laminate Flooring?

Yes, a miter saw is a very good choice to cut laminate flooring. While you can cut laminate flooring to the lengths only with a chop saw, you can also do the same to the angles with a miter saw. That is why a miter saw is good for cutting laminate flooring. 

 4. Can A Miter Saw Be Used To Cut Vinyl?  

Yes, you can use a miter saw to cut vinyl. There are so many options out there if you want to cut vinyl. But in recent times, the trend is to use the miter saw to do the job. People use this tool so that they can get a fresh and clean cut. 

5. Can A Miter Saw Be Used To Cut Laminate Flooring? 

Yes, it can be. The thing is, you can do the cutting with any type of sharp blade. As the process of using the miter saw is familiar and easy to most people, people tend to use this tool more often. If you know how this tool works, you can use it to cut laminate flooring without any worries. 

6. What Kind Of Saw Do You Use To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring? 

Basically, you can cut vinyl plank flooring with pretty much every kind of saw. Starting from a laminate tile cutter; you can use a circular saw, a jigsaw, a miter saw, a table saw, or even a Dremel. Most people use a utility knife as this tool is the easiest out there to get your hands on. 

However, you have to beware of the different kinds of cutting processes of these mentioned tools. They are not the same. If you don’t know how to use one, we recommend not to use that particular tool. 

7. What Kind Of Knife Do You Use To Cut Vinyl Flooring?

If you know what you are doing, you can get the job done even with a utility knife. But there is a special knife to cut vinyl flooring. You can call the knife a vinyl cutter, a vinyl tile cutter, or also a vinyl flooring knife. If you can manage a vinyl cutter, use it instead of utility knives. In that case, there will be lower chances of getting the knife bend or broken. 

8. What Saw Blade Do I Need To Cut Vinyl?

There isn’t any particular saw blade to use to cut vinyl. You can do the job with pretty much every kind of available saw blade. If you can manage a saw that has 100 or more teeth, you are good to go. In that case, the types won’t matter much. You can use a table saw, a chop saw, etc. 

9. What’s The Best Way To Cut Vinyl Flooring?

There are a lot of ways to cut vinyl flooring. Among them, we think using the miter saw is the best way to cut vinyl flooring. Miter saw is kind of the perfect tool for cutting vinyl flooring into perfect shapes. In other methods, you may risk chipping. But in this method, this risk is very lower than the others. 

10. What Do You Cut Vinyl With?

 You can cut vinyl with a lot of tools. Starting from the likes of utility knives, you can cut vinyl with pretty much everything that has a saw blade. However, do not forget to use the tools correctly. Because if you don’t, you may end up messing the vinyl and injuring yourself. 

11. Can You Use A Tile Cutter To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring?

No. You can’t use a normal or ceramic tile cutter to cut vinyl plank flooring. The reason behind this answer is that ceramic tile cutters have a diamond edge, and it doesn’t go with the vinyl flooring. 

However, you can use a vinyl tile cutter to cut vinyl plank flooring. A vinyl tile cutter will get the job done like a knife in butter. 

12. How Do You Cut Vinyl Fascia?

Using vinyl material in the fascia board is a great idea. It can keep the fascia safe for a long time. To install vinyl material as the fascia board, you need to do some cuts. We think a table saw is the best thing for this particular job. Using the table saw is fairly easy, and it will give you your desired results. 

13. What Is The Best Way To Cut Vinyl Skirting?

The best way to cut vinyl skirting is to use either a power saw or aviation snips. Remember to keep the saw blade turning backward and ensure the saw blade has a fine tooth. In this way, you will be able to cut vinyl skirting in the proper way.

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