Dewalt 787 Vs 887-which Dewalt Impact Driver Is Best

For any handyman, the best impact driver is a priority that has it all from design to power and versatility. Mostly, it helps with drilling activities or driving screws but is also useful for DIY projects.

So, instead of getting hammers, nails, saws, or other heavy tools, a single impact driver can do it all efficiently. We get various options as well for convenience in the tasks. However, the problem occurs with choosing the right product.

Among the numerous products, DeWalt’s top two models, DCF787 and DCF887 are quite popular. So, here we have made a comparison between dcf787 vs dcf887 to help you understand more and choose wisely. 

What Is The Difference Between Dcf787 And Dcf887?

The Difference Between Dcf787 And Dcf887

We see that DCF787 and DCF887 are quite similar in structure, but with some differences in their functions. The former model is slightly larger and heavier than the 887. They have the same battery power and come brushless.

 Since the 887 is smaller, it has more power and speed, and also runs with two lithium batteries.

 In addition, the 887 has variable speeds, while the 787 has a middle torque capability. But both of them are efficient for working long hours with little issues of overheating. However, 887 has three LEDs for better illumination, whereas 787 has only one.

Nevertheless, the 787 has an easier grip even with lesser convenient features. Overall, both of them are beneficial for various purposes depending on the usage. 

What Is The Difference Between Dewalt Tools Dcf887 And Dcf787: Comparison Table

Length5.55 inches5.3 inches
Weight2.8 pounds2.0 pounds
Speed2800 RPM1000, 2800, 3250 RPM
Battery1 Lithium-ion Battery2 Lithium-ion Battery
Impact3200 IPMNone
Chuck Size¼ inches¼ inches 
LEDOne Three 

Dewalt Dcf787 Vs Dcf887

Dewalt Dcf787 Vs Dcf887

Build And Design Comparison

Both the DeWalt models are similar in structure and design. The difference is in their length and weight, where the DCF787 is bigger than DCF887. They have the same yellow and black color surface. In addition, both of them are cordless and run with 20V lithium-ion batteries.

 Apart from these, the drivers run with brushless motors and have LED lights for illumination.

 The difference between them is in the number of batteries and LEDs used. So, for a better impact driver, the 787 model works better due to the size and power source. 

Chuck Size

The chuck size is also at ¼ inch for both to hold the bits and screw bits in place. To adjust the trigger, the keyless chuck is useful to drive the screws accurately. Besides, the size is compatible with bit tips of up to 0.5 radii. Along with the power supply, the bolts are placed easily and smoothly in place for both drivers. 


Both the impact drivers are cordless and work with 20V batteries at 4.0Ah that are rechargeable. When the power runs out, we can easily charge them fast for use again. Apart from batteries, the motor is brushless with power tools for extra operating time and proficiency.

Even with LED illumination, the energy is saved well. However, the 887 model has two batteries with more runtime.


In these impact drivers, the speed and power are efficient to fasten and drive screws with high energy and precision. Due to their voltage and speed, they can screw into different materials such as concrete. In addition, the brushless motor in both also improved their operating time and overall durability of the machines.

 But since the 887 model has three different speed options, two batteries, and three LEDs, the efficiency of this is higher with more torque for different driving tasks. So, the 887 model has an advantage with more speed and power, as well as optimum torque.

Performance & Speed

Due to their speed and power source, both the drivers have reached their expected performance by driving on wood or concrete. The brushless motor also facilitates their overall runtime. But they differ in the number of batteries and torque. Dewalt DCF787 has a torque of 1500 inches/pounds and runs at a single speed.

The impact is at 3200 IPM with a variable trigger. Besides, it only has one LED for illumination. In contrast, the DCF887 uses two fast-charging batteries of the same voltage and has three different speeds at 1000 RPM, 2800 RPM, and 3250 RPM with control. So, the maximum torque is greater at 1825 in-lbs for various tasks.

Three LED lights offer sufficient lighting for accuracy in driving nails.  to improve your accuracy and precision in those tight spaces and even at night. So, the performance of the latter model surpasses a lot from 787. 

Additional Accessories

DeWalt always provides the necessary accessories for their drivers. So the package of both these models contain the required items for working with them properly. The DCF787 comes with a 1.5Ah battery, a charger, and a storage bag.

On the other hand, the DCF887 has the same items, with an additional battery and also high Amp batteries, and a belt hook for carrying the accessories around easily. 

1. Dewalt 887 Review

Dewalt 887 Review

The Dewalt DCF887 is a lightweight and smaller driver that is efficient for small but powerful tasks. It comes fully packed with different functionality options as well as becoming more portable with the cordless feature.

We can run this one with two 20V batteries of 4.0Ah and select three different speeds for operating of 1000 RPM, 2800RPM, and 3250 RPM with a control. In addition, it works with a brushless motor inside that improves its durability and operating power.

Here the chuck size is ¼-inch for bit tips to an inch. We can also illuminate the workplace with three LED lights that are functioned with a 20-second delay trigger. So, this is a great choice for precise work and a more manageable tool.

Key Features

  • It has a powerful and efficient motor for better operation along with the batteries.
  • Three different speeds and the maximum torque help with working properly by saving energy.
  • Due to the cordless, compact, and lightweight design, it is portable and easy to store.
  • The LEDs provide enough light to work in dark places without any shadows and don’t need additional lights.
  • Besides this, the chuck size allows easy grip and accepts 1-inch bit tips.


  • Powerful, compact, and portable
  • Longer battery life and runtime with fast charging
  • Three adjustable speeds and LEDs
  • Contain hex chucks for better grips
  • Package includes a belt hook, 2 batteries, and the charger


  • Noisy during operation
  • The reverse switch placement is an issue

2. Dewalt 787 Review 

Similar to DCF887, the DeWalt DCF787 is also amazing in driving screws. The dimensions are 12.5 x 3.75 x 9.81 inches, so it is larger than the other one. Yet we can easily use this in tight corners. Besides, the single LED provides good illumination for dark areas.

This one also runs with a 20V Lithium-ion battery and brushless motor with enough power for long-term activities. Due to the fast charging option, the driver is ready for work always with 2800 RPM speed and a subsequent impact at 3200 IPM.

In addition, it gives 1500 inches/pounds torque which is quite large. Apart from these, the trigger for LED and motor running is efficient and the ¼-inch chuck makes it very accurate. 

Key Features 

  • The motor and battery provide high power for increased runtime and effectiveness.
  • Even as a heavier product, it is easy to handle and use in tough areas.
  • The LED light has a 20-second delay as we release the trigger for illumination.
  • It offers large torque and impact from a fast speed of operation.
  • The impact is sufficient for use in different materials and powerful driving of screws. 


  • Compact and easy to handle
  • High-energy battery and motor
  • Contains an LED for visibility
  • Fast-charging battery
  • Large torque for accuracy and proficiency


  • Only one battery and LED

DCF787 Specs

This is a great impact driver packed with useful features for efficiency in their performances. It has a voltage of 20V from a single Lithium-ion battery. The chuck size is ¼ inches Hex for driving different nails.

In addition, the impact lies from 0 – 3,200 IPM and a speed of 2,800 RPM. Lastly, the torque of this driver is at 1,500 in-lb. 

DCF787 Torque

This driver model has a torque of 1500 in-lb for the given speed and compact design. Besides, the torque works for the driver front to back. In addition to the speed, we can perform various functions with this machine.

DCF787 Combo

The combo kit is a highly functional driver set that runs without a cord. It is compact and lightweight for use in tight areas.

One of them is 5.4-inch in size and the other one is 7.52-inch front to back. Both of them have an ergonomic grip that is comfortable to hold and keep balance with tool control. In addition, we will get an LED light that has a 20-second trigger release delay.

Moreover, the chuck is at 1/4-inch hex for 1-inch bit tips.

How Much Torque Does A Dewalt Dcf787 Have?

How Much Torque Does A Dewalt Dcf787 Have?

A DeWalt DCF787 has a torque of 1500 in-lb. This works alongside the speed to provide the driving power on different materials. The torque in this one is quite large enough for sufficient force and impact with increased runtime. 

How Do You Use A Dewalt Dcf787 Impact Driver?

The impact driver is quite simple to operate. Simply switch it on and start it for driving nails. Pull the trigger for running the motor that will provide the running power. Then the driver is put on the chuck to drill on the surface accurately. We can handle the tool easily and balance it so that the nails are put precisely.

What Should I Look For When Buying An Impact Driver?


Even though we can find a good impact driver from numerous recommended brands in the market, there are some aspects of any drivers that are important to consider. This will help us to decide on the most suitable impact driver for a particular purpose.


It is quite evident that a high voltage would mean higher output. We can find impact drivers with a voltage from 12V to 18V. This also means that the higher the voltage, the heavier the machine. In addition, higher power will also affect the torque. For heavier activities, a higher voltage is efficient, but for regular tasks, a medium-level one is good enough. 

Corded or Cordless

A corded one doesn’t need charging and will have an endless power source. But it is less mobile and limited to certain areas. A cordless one is usually lighter and can be carried anywhere. Due to the powerful batteries with long life and also fast charging option, a cordless one is more convenient to use these days.  

Chuck Size

We can only get impact drivers with ¼’’ chuck size. This is compatible with 0.5 radius tips suitable for high torque settings. So, the bits won’t twist under tension. Depending on the voltage, the chunk size will be useful for effective performance and accuracy. 


Impact drivers are special tools for screw driving with high torque only. Sometimes, it can also tighten small bolts. Yet, they are generally used for heavy-duty situations. So, for a normal task, an impact wrench is a better option than this driver. But for hard materials and faster and more powerful screwing, an impact driver is the best machine than a standard drill.

Power and Control

If the machine offers control in speed, then we can use it easily on different surfaces. In the case of soft materials, a standard drill driver or combi drill is better to prevent damages. Some drivers can provide variable speed options so that we can have some control over the operation. Yet this is effective on heavier materials to increase the torque.


Most impact drivers provide high speeds for operating efficiently with good impact and torque. But if we get one with variable speed ranges to choose from, then it becomes easier to have control. Then we can use the drill on different materials with the desired speed. 

Frequently Asking Question

1. Which Dewalt Impact Wrench Is The Best?

According to most users, the DEWALT 20V Max XR is at the top as an impact wrench. This is because it is cordless and runs with a Lithium-Ion battery with a maximum torque of 700 ft-lb.

This works effectively for fastening along with the  1,200 ft-lb of nut-busting torque. Similar to other models, this one also operates with a brushless motor. We can have three different speed levels from 0-400/1,200/1,900 rpm.

2. What Is The Strongest Impact Dewalt Makes?

The strongest and best impact driver needs to have the best power and BPM. Among the countless models out there, the DEWALT DCF885C5 is the strongest one with an ergonomic design and compact size and weight.

Besides, it has a built-in LED light for illumination. Even as a lightweight driver, it has a lot of power. So, it is great for both professional and basic use.

3. What Is The Difference Between The Dewalt Dcf887 And The Dcf787?

Although both the models are similar in design, the difference is in their size and functions. They offer good speed for drilling, but the DCF787 has only one speed while the DCF887 model has three speeds to choose the right one according to the use.

Apart from this, the impact and torque are also different whereas the former one has less number in both. In addition, 787 has one battery and LED, but 887 has two batteries and three LEDs.  

Dewalt dwe7491 vs dwe7485: Table Saw Difference


The dcf787 vs dcf887 comparison shows that the models are very efficient in their work and have some beneficial features for the users. Due to their similar structure and design, we can easily choose one over the other and have good results for our tasks.

 Yet the differences in their features make the Dewalt DCF887 have a slighter advantage over DCF787 with higher and variable speeds, more LEDs, size, and more batteries.

 So, we can say that this driver is a better choice than the other one for various applications. But the choice will depend on user’s preferences, reviews, and the type of work intended. 

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