Top 5 Best Cedar Deck Screws in 2021

Best Cedar Deck Screws

Cedar woods are undeniably attractive, versatile, and decay resistant. Most of us prefer them for deck and fence woodworks. But the assembling or fastening comes first when you are crafting cedar decks. Screws are better at this than adhesives, nails, or other fasteners. The best cedar deck screws can increase the durability of decks or … Read more

Top 9 Best Exterior Stain for Cedar Siding Reviewed

best exterior solid stain for cedar siding

Cedarwood sidings look great, their color makes the exterior of the house look very pretty. However, cedarwood can lose its beauty with time if not cared for properly. Daily sunlight, rain, dust can damage the wood badly and if you don’t want to let the beauty fade away, you got to something to protect that. … Read more

Топ-5 лучших отделок из прозрачного кедра для наружных работ (2023 г.)

Best Clear Cedar Finish for Outdoors

Is your wooden door, siding, fences, or other outdoor wood items losing their color? Well, it is very obvious. It is hard to keep the beauty intact through rain, dust, sun, etc. But there is something that could be done to restore the beauty and take it to just another level! What’s that? Clear Cedar … Read more

Лучший герметик для кедрового дерева, забора и террасы 2023 г.

Best Sealer for Cedar

Cedarwoods are the favorite of most people due to their impressive looks. But with time due to the moisture and UV-ray, they start to wear off. It loses its beauty and your outdoor furniture or other wooden items no longer look beautiful. Are you already experiencing something like that? And thinking about changing them? Let’s … Read more

How to Choose Cedar Deck Sealer Perfectly

best waterproofing for pressure treated wood

Choosing the right sealer for the deck is pretty easy. Keep a few things in mind and you are good to go. That few things includes different types, ease of use, protection capability, etc. In this very section, we will walk you through a detailed overview of each of those factors so that you pick … Read more