5 Best Featherboard for Table Saw Reviews in 2023

The purpose of the featherboard is to provide safety while cutting boards or materials into the table saw. It’s important that you use the best tools to get the job done right.

Feather boards will help prevent kickback against the push and help keep things in place.

Without the best featherboard for table saw, you could cause serious injury if the wood flies back towards you when it gets cut. Using a feather board is also safer than using clamps because there’s less chance that they’ll slip.

This article will take a look at some of the most popular brands that are currently available on the market today and provide you with an in-depth review of each.

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Magswitch Table Featherboard

Kreg True FLEX

Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

Milescraft FeatherBoard for Router Tables

POWERTEC Dual Universal Featherboards

5 Best Featherboard for Table Saw Reviews

We’ll talk about what kind of featherboards are available, how they work, and other tools that might help if you’re not using one already!

1. Magswitch Table Featherboard – Best Magnetic Feather Board for Table Saw

Magswitch - 8110015 Table Featherboard

Magwitch Universal Feather board is the must-have tool for precision cutting. This low profile, double-sided featherboard can be used on any table or fence – no miter slot limitation each with 95lbs of hold magnetic force.

It has two magnetic switches to control power to the blade and a low-profile design so it works with your saw’s rip fence. 

It’s perfect for a left or right feed; in or outfeed; and fast, accurate setups every time.

The magnets are placed in a way that will not damage any material or finish on your table. This featherboard is universal, so it will work with most tables.

It also comes with all necessary mounting hardware required for installation. It is made from high-quality steel and aluminum and has a silver powder coat finish for durability.

This featherboard is particularly useful in combination with a dado set where there isn’t much room between the blade and fence.

magnetic featherboard table saw

The most versatile feather board ever: Works on both sides of the blade and underneath the fence.

Featherboards are a little pricey, but they’re well worth it if you want to control your workpieces while cutting them.


  • Can be placed on both sides of the blade and the fence
  • The two-sided design allows for quick changes in angle, which is great for cutting small pieces of wood or plastic
  • The miter gauge can be adjusted by loosening screws and moving it up or down as needed 
  • This saw is lightweight, portable, and easy to use!
  • consistent and optimum pressure


  • pricey for a featherboard, and used with magnetic table only

#2. Kreg True FLEX – Best Featherboard for Dewalt Table Saw

Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard

The Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard will stand up to years of heavy use in your woodshop for its optimum pressure.

The Featherboard allows the Featherboard to be secured to a variety of shop tools without the need for additional hardware. Because it has a Wedge lock system & made with durable plastic body.

GET THE SHARPEST EDGES – These feather boards are made of high-quality aluminum and will stand the test of time.

They are easy to install on your saw, and they can be adjusted quickly for different smoother cuts. You’ll never have to worry about them not working properly because they’re built with quality in mind.

VERSATILE FEATHERBOARDS – These featherboards work with table saws, band saws, routers, and more! The wedge-lock system makes it easy to install without magnets or additional hardware.

They keep even pressure on the piece being cut so you get clean and smooth glide edges every time.

  • Works with table saws, band saws, routers, and more
  • Quick and easy connection to miter slots or t-slots without the need for additional hardware.
  • The unique design allows for a full range of motion, so you can easily adjust your featherboard to fit any workpiece.
  • Keeps even pressure
  • Durable plastic composite body; Wedge-Lock System secures to a variety of shop tools 


  • A great addition to any table saw router table, or band saw.
  • The wedge lock system makes it easy to install without magnets or additional hardware needed.


  • Not magnetic

#3. Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard – Best Featherboard for Vintage Table Saw

Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard for Quicker, Easier

If you are looking for a fast way to make accurate and precise cuts, then the hedgehog is an essential accessory for your workbench.

The Hedgehog Featherboard is a new, patented spiral featherboard that makes it easier to cut accurate miter joints. It’s specifically designed to fit in most standard ¾” miter slots on table saws and router tables.

The body of the Hedgehog is molded from high-impact DuPont nylon for durability and easy cleaning.

The unique spiral design allows you to easily lock the featherboard into position at any angle while still allowing enough clearance for your workpiece to pass through without binding.

Hedgehog featherboard review

best table saw feather boards

The Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard is a super-fast, accurate, and versatile featherboard. The unique spiral design allows the board to be clamped anywhere along its length, allowing you to use it with any size of the workpiece.

Its innovative clamping system also means that it can be used in either the horizontal or vertical position, making it even more versatile.

The Hedgehog Featherboard is a premium featherboard for table saws and both router tables and band saws that utilizes a unique spiral design to help you make straighter cuts.

hedgehog spiral featherboard provides a lot of protection as well as safety from getting hurt when doing table work by providing a secure barrier that absorbs the impact of your workpiece.

The hedgehog spiral is the best featherboard for a vintage table saw.

Stop worrying about damaging that expensive woodwork with this premium featherboard. This butterfly design will save your valuable time and money by preventing damage to your workpiece due to the piece shifting during the cut.

The Hedgehog is a CNC cutting aluminum miter clamp. And size (3/4” x 3/8”) that fits all reputed miter slots models.

Product Features

• Unique spiral design allows you to clamp the board anywhere along its length for greater flexibility

• Allows you to use the board horizontally or vertically on your miter saw

#4. Milescraft FeatherBoard for Router Tables- Best Featherboard for Ryobi Table Saw

Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard for Router Tables

Do you use a table saw, router table or fence and want to save time with consistent pressure? The Milescraft FeatherBoard for Router Tables is designed for professional woodworkers and true perfectionists.

The split rail construction provides consistent tension without lumps or gaps between boards.

These ergonomic knobs (non-slip knobs) prevent over-tightening, as well as T-Slot bolts that allow it to be used in nearly any application on router tables and table saws.

From 5/8″ to 3/4″ metal miter bars this feather board’s versatility is endless! Built like your favorite kitchen appliances from durable strong materials, this product will last you years of applications at home and within your workshop.

FeatherBoard for Router Tablessmooth operation

The Milescraft is a precision-made feather board designed for use with router tables and fences. The feather board includes cleats to help keep it from shifting on your table.

To install the feathered board simply lay it down with the smooth side up, then push your clamps over the bottom center groove and feed them in a few inches, they will come out at both ends equally ensuring an even distribution of pressure so there are no bulges or gaps when you have everything pushed.

Just when you think it can’t get better, Milescraft made knobs that don’t twist in your hand and the best thing is they hit the perfect sweet spot.

It also included two bars- 3/4″ or 5/8″- for maximum versatility to make sure you find what works for every situation.

Keep your workbench safe with an ergonomic Feather Board from Milescraft.

#5. POWERTEC Dual Universal Featherboards Woodworking w/Flex and Miter Lock System

POWERTEC 71393 Dual Universal Featherboards

Protect your project with precision feed control and holding action with the POWERTEC 71393 Dual Universal Featherboards for Multi-Functional Woodworking.

This feather board provides optimal feed control for any machine, especially when cuts are taken on a stock that is thin or has an uneven profile. These dual featherboards are the perfect tool to prevent kickback and provide you with high precision cuts

The unique design of the miter lock system (plus a reversible profile) can be easily adjusted to work across t-slots, miter slots, and table tracks.

With this kit, you will include two feather boards with threaded 5 star knobs, T-bolts, Miter Slot Brackets; versatile features like additional hardware for adaptive mounting solutions including vertical mounts (for 3” multi-tracks),

With a reversible T-Lock system that is compatible with either t-slots or standard plates, these versatile feathers can be mounted on any of your jobsites tools.

What it does: This product will maximize feed control and maximum holding action on your stock to ensure precise cuts without too much kickback.

Along with the Featherboard comes many smaller pieces like threaded 5 star knobs and miter slot brackets which allow more ways to permanently install this product

What Is a Featherboard Used For?

feather boards for table saw

Featherboards are a critical piece of table saw and router table safety equipment. Featherboards can prevent kickback, which is when the workpiece gets caught in the blade and causes an accident.

Kickback accidents often result in severe injury to the operator’s hands or fingers. Why need for a featherboard, you will want to keep these points in mind:

  • When you use feather boards, they can help keep the wood on track. It helps push the material firmly against the fence. Other feather board uses include keeping it safe for your hands so you don’t lose a finger or two.
  • With feather boards, you can avoid having your hands anywhere near the blade. It’ll keep everything on track and keep your fingers safe even if there’s some type of accident.
  • When you use feather boards with a table saw it helps reduce kickback which is also dangerous so using feather boards for table saw will help prevent kickback from happening because feather boards for table saw help to direct the material in a safer manner.
  • If feather boards for table saw are used consistently then they can provide consistent pressure.
  • Feather boards help to feed evenly and consistently so they can provide consistent pressure on the wood.
  • The feather board for ripping tables saw helps to adjust feather boards for table saw with different sizes.

Buying Guide for the Best Table Saw Featherboard- Tips To Help You Buy The Right One

feather guide for table saw

1. Size Matters

Sizing is crucial when it comes to a well-designed best Table Saw Featherboard. Good Featherboard for table saws needs to be adjusted so that it can provide a secure barrier between the blade and the operator.

2. Facility and Hardware Options

Good quality featherboard should have a small knob called wedge, which can slide freely in a groove up and down its length.

Many table saw featherboard feature two locking mechanisms, one at either end of the best table saw feather board’s shaft. Featherboard will stay in place securely until you need to move it again.

3. Standard miter slot positions

Featherboards will stay in the slot and not slide around. Non-magnetic featherboards will attach to the table by using standard miter slot positions.

Table saws won’t get scratched by featherboard hardware.

4. Firm Adjustment & good grip

The featherboard is used to hold the work firmly against the fence. After clamping the workpiece, adjust it so that it contacts both sides of the board equally.

Featherboard Placement Check for you table saw: Put featherboards on both sides of your blade; top and bottom of table saw wing extensions (if any); and clamp-on feather boards anywhere else where you find kickback happening such as near router tables, bandsaws, routers, etc.

How to Use Featherboard on Table Saw? [Step-by-Step Guide]

“Featherboard acts like a pressure-sensitive divider and keeps the workpiece firmly pressed on the table of your saw while you push it through. It’s designed to lock down in one direction so that when you’re pushing wood on the right side, for example, it guides your stock on a straight path. “

To use a featherboard on a table saw, position yourself correctly and adjust the featherboard before turning on your machine.

1. Install the featherboard on your table saw by inserting the mounting bolts into its holes. Tighten them down tightly to ensure that they hold firm as you work.

2. Choose the knob that most suit your need and adjust it to fit for secure hold of stock, don’t forget to place them away from the blade path.

3. Securely clamp down the wood between top and bottom featherboards by tightening its grip until it’s snug tight with right pressure between both boards or you can use your hand for it.

4. The featherboard acts as a clamp to hold the wood stock in place, reducing wear caused by pressure or friction against table saw’s fence track or the miter gauge slot that runs along top of table saw.

5. You can change its stance and direction to suit your needs and secure it with a knobs.

More Briefly, How do you set up a featherboard?

How do you set up a featherboard

Adjusting the height of the featherboard above your tabletop is done by removing its two bolts using wrench then tightening or loosening them individually to set where you want it across from your fence then reinsert these bolts and wait for some time for screw threads to settle.

Some featherboards are equipped with knobs that adjust the opening of its fingers. Always check if it is level to avoid accidents because if not, it might pinch your hand. Safety should always come first when you are using table saws or working wood.

To put your featherboard in position, hold it tight against the tabletop and slide it from left to right until you find a position that secures your work piece well.

When you are ready to cut, hold the featherboard firmly in place and slide it along the tabletop towards your fence then position yourself in front of the blade.

Push forward on your workpiece using featherboard as pressure.

These simple steps mentioned above can help avoid accidents which can happen when not using featherboards for your table saw.

With the right blade installed, you will get a clean cut.

Tips: For better accuracy and safety while using a table saw, it is recommended to have a 55-degree miter slot insert installed in your saw’s miter gauge channel.

This accessory allows you to set up a featherboard directly behind the workpiece, no matter which direction it’s being pushed.

To use it, you simply slide the guide into the miter slot then tighten its knob to lock it in place. When cutting angles other than 90 degrees, adjust your featherboard to follow the blades’ path of rotation.

Featherboard Placement Check for you table saw: Put featherboards on both sides of your blade; top and bottom of table saw wing extensions (if any); and clamp-on feather boards anywhere else where you find kickback happening such as near router tables, bandsaws, routers etc.

* Never leave wood stock unattended when working with table saw or any cutting tool for that matter.

Check Can you use a 10-inch blade on a 12-inch miter saw?

Where to place feather boards?

Where to place feather boards

There are two places to use featherboards, depending on what you are cutting. On scrolling cuts (when making bevels, tenons, or other precise cuts), place the featherboard(s) against the back fence of your saw.

Now, using the fence as a stop, push the stock up against the featherboard and make your cut.

On ripping cuts, you can use one or two featherboards to keep your work firmly pressed against the rip fence on the table saw. Move both featherboards down about 1/2″ from their normal position for this application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What kind of saw can a feather board be used for?

A router table and a band saw both give you the opportunity to use a featherboard.

Featherboards were formed for router tables and band saws because router tables and band saws allow cutting at angles other than 90 degrees.

A router table can cut an angle of up to 45 degrees, while a band saw allows cutting at almost any angle.

A featherboard can be used on all types of table saws. That is because its sole purpose is to make the holding of a workpiece more secure and to produce a cleaner cut.

#2. Why are there so many feathersboard on a table saw?

There are table mounted, fence mounted featherboard model,s or even clamped directly attach to the table saws.

Typically, the fence mounted featherboard is used to support the work piece during ripping operation. It uses a parallel guide track running on each side of the fence.

The featherboard is placed between the track and the surface of the work piece and height-adjustable to apply pressure evenly across the length of the board.

A table mounted featherboard is used to support a wood/plywood against the rip fence as it is cut.

The clamp-on type of featherboard can be attached to any surface including saw tables, miter gauge channels, band saw tables, jointer beds and router tables.

Clamp-on featherboards are usually available in two sizes, one sized to fit a standard miter gauge slot and another for larger tables.

#3. What kind of material is a feather board made of?

Feather boards can be made of plastic and metal materials.

Plastic: Sometimes made of plastic. They are often used to hold down the work pieces when using a tablesaw or radial arm saw, and they can also be used when routing or shaping with an electric hand planer or router table.

Metal: A metal feather board is usually more aesthetically pleasing than its plastic counterpart, but it may be more expensive. It is also easier to mount than a plastic feather board, because it can often support its own weight.

#4. How do you attach a feather board to a table saw fence?

featherboard for table saw fence

One way to attach a feather board to a table saw fence is by screwing it on using four screws. You can also attach it using special clamps that are made specifically for this purpose.

These clamps push the two pieces together and they come with pre-drilled holes that you can use to secure them in place. They even come with a wrench and all the hardware you will need to get started.

Another method for securing feather boards is by using F-style clamps. The advantage of this style clamp is that you can position it anywhere along the fence and lock it in place using a cam lever.

#5. What is a router table?

A router table is an alternative to the traditional router. It consists of a flat surface that has a router attached to it, where you can router wood with ease because the router is attached to something.

The router table is usually smaller than a router and has a fence that can hold material in place during cutting by the router.

The router table also holds the router above the table, so you can use your router almost like a drill press and hold pieces of wood still for routing purposes.


The best use of best feather boards is to keep the wood from moving when passing through the blade best featherboards help in better cuts and more accurate results.

Hope this best featherboard for the table saw Guide helps to find out the desired one. Feather boards are used in various places to make things easier and give better results.

You can’t always accomplish this using other methods because feather boards for table saws are designed to push wood against the fence.

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