How to Use Tung Oil on Cedar (9 Easy Steps)

How to Use Tung Oil on Cedar

Using tung oil on cedar wood isn’t something tough or complex. It is very easy. You just need to follow the steps I am about to show below.  Before we get into the applying process, in case a few of you don’t know, Tung oil is used as a finish on woods.  The oil hardens … Read more

Cedar vs. Vinyl Fence: Which One Should You Choose?

Cedar vs. Vinyl Fence

Cedarwood has always been the choice of most Americans when it comes down to building fences. But due to some impressive features of Vinyl, now some people fall into confusion.  Not being able to choose one between two when both are close enough in terms of features, that is very normal. It is easier for … Read more

How to Choose Cedar Deck Sealer Perfectly

best waterproofing for pressure treated wood

Choosing the right sealer for the deck is pretty easy. Keep a few things in mind and you are good to go. That few things includes different types, ease of use, protection capability, etc. In this very section, we will walk you through a detailed overview of each of those factors so that you pick … Read more